Easy Bolognese Recipe | Jamie Oliver

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FULL RECIPE : http://jamieol.com/LasagneRecipeYT

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Founder says:

what food processor does he use?

giovanni S says:


Tikky NoSurname says:

I’m not a Family. But I need to save money.
So I will just make this once and can live off the ragu for almost half a month. Nice.

Leo Leo says:

thank so much CHEF …

Derek Hart says:

hestons is better he uses 3 penguins and a fiat uno

Alan Smithee says:

No red wine in this? Surely it would add some extra depth.

paola dalla vecchia says:

no no no substantial error! vegetables go with the oil and stir fry this is the Italian. Then the meat is heated well and then half a glass of white wine to evaporate. THEN the tomato, this is the correct order and you do not change anything. If you want to do it right Italian.

Aldo Marchioni says:

I stopped to watch at rosmary.
This man does not understand the first think about cooking.
Well, he’s English, no surprise …

PamelModz™ says:

tnx bro

me28983 says:

better then ramsay 😛

Oxgal Bridge says:

haha.. the vidcam lens got all foggyyy.. luvv Jaime always keeping it so real.. with deliciousss recipes..

jane juif says:

manque le vin rouge Jamie UN BON VERRE

max larsen says:

no salt and pepper?

Fastback SeventySeven says:

No garlic?

Mehdi Bouhalassa says:

Links to Lasagna recipe :((((((

Francesco Gili says:

Bacon in the ragù? I don’t think so….

wab jahmarely says:

Wack it on to full wack

Brian Fassbender says:

When he says “full whack” when referring to the heat of the stove, is he saying turn it all the way to high? Because I would think that wide open on just about any stove would have extra virgin olive oil smoking like crazy.

Marcus van der Stap says:

What would be te best brand of tinned tomatoes? Which brand has the best flavour does anyone know? and does it have to be a whole skinned tomatoes or can i use passata? I actually almost never buy fresh tomatoes because in holland (dutch farmers produce insane amounts indoors) they grow them indoors in a glass greenhouse but they grow way to fast so it does not have any flavour. Thats why i want to buy the canned tomatoes that have been growing outside in italy so it has flavour. and also canned tomatoes are 10 times cheaper then fresh ones but not all brands have the same quality.

And also i have a question about the herbs. I usually have the dry herbs because fresh herbs i cannot keep it for very long and it is expensive and have to throw away 75% of what i bought. So if i use dry herbs how much should i use? i think dry herbs have stronger flavour so is there a way to calculate this how much? For example xx gram fresh herb = yy gram dry herbs, something like that? does anyone know the convertion ratio?

I just ordered the Silver Spoon italian cook book (more like cook bible of 1500 pages) but i like to look on you tube in the mean time.

superswaglord1945 says:

looks good, sorry about your british accent tho

David Pumpkini says:

Good lord, nearly a million uni students have watched this. I wonder which UK university city watched it most?

Hawkeye the best says:

No red wine, no ragú Bolognese! No Parmazaan, no ragú Bolognese!

precious ghem says:

i love jamie oliver…..

Josey Smith says:

Looks amazing!!! Will definitely be trying this

Ivo Domani says:

Who else thought he burped when he turned on the blender?

Andrea Arrigoni says:

This is not “ragu alla bolognese”.

Prince says:

when he scrubs the camera 😀

Okseniboksen says:

“whack it to max whack”, cracked me up xD

Birgit Thiele says:

thank you so much

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