Dinner on a Dime!! Simple Meat-n-Potatoes Recipe

Comfort food is all you need sometimes! This is one of the simplest dishes I’ve made, but it is still so yummy and flavorful!

How would you customize it?


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Thomas Norton says:

needs hot sauce when you serve it!

Christina Long says:

Simple is always better. Who wants a tedious recipe❤❤love you Erin

Periwinkle Dee says:

I grew up on meals such as this. It looked delicious to me! I love your bounce, Erin. So cute. 😀

Mary Allison says:

Being a fifty year-old I remember a few people in the seventies being lactose intolerant and having some allergies. But it seems like in just these last 5 years all these different food allergies and intolerances have been SO POPULAR. And not to be rude but how valid are they. How come no one in my childhood had all these issues. Or even when my kids were small. And they are now 30, 27, 25, 24. I remember a kid in my school had peanut allergies. But like I said that was one kid. And my kids went to school with a few kids with some kind of dietary issues. But there wasn’t many of them either. So how come so many people are being diagnosed as having all these issues NOW. It just seems fishy. Almost like it is a hoax Doctors, Pharmaceutical companies and the food growers and health food manufacturing and health department has come up with as a way to make money. Otherwise how do you explain it all. Because like I said back in the seventies up into the early 2000 non of these things were around or even heard of. But my daughter called me and told me she was given a note last year when she was supposed to bring snacks for my Granddaughter to pass for her birthday of all the different issues that were had with the kids in her class. It was 3 papers using front and back on all 3 sheets. It seems like just a way to have to spend money on special foods.

Moumita Islam says:

Why does she keep jumping!!!

travelntexan says:

needs a fried egg on top

casey piazza says:

If you add a little woschester sauce it will make 10x better, promise.

J Walk says:

You can make a taco version of this same thing & it’s delicious! (with Rice OR potatoes!!) It ends up being a touch more flavorful by adding taco seasoning to the ground beef and you could even add salsa or black beans (and the corn too!) etc…serve with tortilla’s or chips— soo good! & Erin, next time you could add some frozen peas at the end for the touch of green! Plus it’s delish!

Bella Sky says:

u could also add rice or pasta, looks great Erin thanks for sharing hun

biggedogg says:

Make a pineapple upside down cake!

Matt Fessler says:

My family calls that hash. After dad makes a pot roast dinner, he chops up all the leftovers and makes a “hash.”

Lindsey Hanvey says:

I love looking at the comments and seeing how everyone would customize it. My favorite recipes are things that can be changed up easily.

Dorothy Carson says:

Adam a doll

Cat Reads says:

is your dog’s name Noodle?

Chloe _ says:

Who else can’t wait to see a wedding for Adam and Erin. I’m going to be honest, I couldn’t care less about weddings online EXCEPT I really want to see who gets invited to this wedding. This is going to be a long post but hear me out please! Adam is Gwen Ballinger’s, formerly Gwen Trent, nephew, making him Colleen Ballinger’s cousin. With Erin being Joshua’s sister, I am curious to see who will attend the wedding. Colleen has said before how close she is to her cousins, but usually hangs out with Andrew, Stephanie, and Amy. She has also said that there are plenty of family members she has fallen out with. If you look back at a last years Christmas vlog on Colleen, Rachel, or Christopher’s channel, you don’t see Adam but you do see his brother, sister, and mom. I am going to guess that he steers clear of Ballinger family get together intentionally. I mean, there is no freaking way Erin would go with him to hang out with Colleen and the rest of the family. I want to know what kind of drama would surface with a wedding. I also wonder if Adam and Erin intentionally avoid a wedding because of the fact it would be extreamly difficult to get the families together right now. I know that nothing happened between Josh and Colleen, but I honestly believe there is no freaking way Josh would be in the same place as Colleen. I think Colleen couldn’t care less. I’m not saying that in a bad way I just mean I honestly think she could attended the wedding and be fine. It would be hard for her, yes. But if Rachel was there with Colleen, I think it would be fine. To be honest, I don’t know that the Ballingers would go to the wedding even if they happened to be invited. Josh has been throwing freaking shade at Colleen and I have a feeling his parents and even Erin would not be able to be mature about the whole thing either. Seeing how close Colleen is with her siblings, Rachel especially, I think they would stand with her. Colleen’s publicist or manager may even tell her that it’s not a good idea to go. If it went over badly and things got out of hand and anything surfaced to the internet, Colleen could look bad online. Since Colleen doesn’t have a restraining order on Josh or vice versa, Colleen would be legally ALLOWED to go, her manager and publicist may just tell her it’s a bad idea. I am curious to see how the whole thing would go down. If both families went, the guest list would probably be almost identical to the Joshleen wedding crowd. Reply and tell me your opinion on this. I would love to hear others views!

Flufferx says:

Heyy Erin, love watching you! I would love to see your take on Banana Puddin’! Thanks!

addie jo says:

this would be way cheaper if you doubled the taters and cut the meat in half and add frozen peas or corn

crazycatlady says:

i call this goolosh..i add baked beans,,and cheese on top..love it.

Ari says:


Faeriedarke says:

Add some cooked rice! It’s making me hungry…

Theodora Paz says:

Try it with ground turkey meat, little to no grease 🙂
P.s. find yourself a spoon rest so you have no cleanup on the stove 😉
I have a cute pumpkin one and a frog

Tracy Z says:

I’ll definitely make this but without the salt and with a whole wheat bun
Your so cute and funny, don’t change a thing. Ie” I just spit on my arm” love you girl

SopBelle118 says:

Please do more dinner on a dime! I find these recipes so helpful❤️

water :0 says:


Madge's Life says:

Maybe make some apple cobler???

Kori Hardinger says:

Thank you for your recipe and you’re so cute

mommy loves makeup says:

I’m making this for dinner tonight! it’s a rainy day in Canada. ice also done something like this but cook it in a pie shell mmm

Crystal Rayfield says:

A homemade pecan pie recipe would be awesome!

Nathan Barnes says:

I make something similar and serve it with spaghetti.

Wendy DeLaney says:

This inspired me to make something ground beef and potato. I put everything you put, but I always have tons of veggies on hard, so I added frozen peas, carrots, 2 large jalapenos, and 2 jars of pre-made beef gravy. It became more of a pot pie filling to go over bisquits. It was AMAZING. I know that it isn’t really what your recipe was but you inspired me. Thanks for the great idea, it was all stuff I had on hand and every single one of my kids liked it. Frugal and easy.

Amelia Reid says:

i swear all her food looks so bad

ebeth5891 says:

Do the potatoes get mushy enough?

Abby Hernandez says:

how come josh doesnt have this adorable accent?

Katryna King says:

My mom made something like this but added diced tomatoes and pasta. Sooo yummy

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