Cabbage Rolls Recipe (Tender Cabbage Stuffed with Juicy Ground Meat Filling) | Cooking with Dog

In the cold season, let’s make hot Cabbage Rolls to help us keep warm and relax. The cabbage simmered on low heat is so tender and sweet!

How to Make Cabbage Rolls

(serves 4 | 8 pieces)
200g Ground Beef and Pork, or single ground meat (7.1 oz)
1/2 tsp Salt
20g Panko, Japanese breadcrumbs (0.7 oz)
3 tbsp Milk
1 Egg
70g Onion, chopped (2.5 oz)

1 Cabbage, 1.6kg/3.5 lb per cabbage

1 package of Tomato Sauce, 295ml/1.25 cups per package
250-300ml Hot Water, until cabbage rolls are submerged (1.06-1.27 cups)
30g Bacon, sliced, 5mm/0.2″ strips (1.1 oz)
1 Bouillon Cube, 5.3g/0.2 oz per piece

1 Bay Leaf
Parmesan Cheese, grated
Parsley Leaves, chopped

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EXO's Ko Ko Bop is a bop says:

I don’t like cabbage but this looks delicious

Nathan H. says:

Merci christmas to everyone in the team !

Royce Zainal says:

Its brand new chou farci!!

FoxPonyShift2013 says:

Yay! Chef’s back.

Mikazukiii says:

OMG!!! Its so cool how they made Francis talk on Chef’s apron and on the corner!!! 😀

Ricky Demetro says:

Like the new episodes and this channel so much!

some constructive criticism:

I was not a fan of the new music, I think the old music is better. The music was a bit distracting.

Also, can you put the Francis animation on the left side? I think it would also be less distracting that way. Great job nonetheless.

kraxetk says:

My favorite cabbage dish!

Ladyofdeath777 says:

Isn’t this based off of a Polish recipe?! I’ve always loved these, but I think the Polish version is made with vinegar brine, or fermented.

Richard Mika says:

maybe ill find a metal drop lid some day

Alex Richard says:

Francis parle ! <3

Wiwing Margahayu says:

Do you speak french language?

Jan says:

It’s polish gołąbki! :O

Maggie Brayton says:

メルクリスマスと明けましておめでとうございます! I cannot wait to try this recipe! ❤

chronodude says:

This channel makes me happy. 🙂

Gao Ster says:

That familiar song at the end when Chef shows the finish product is so calming and nostalgic and comforting. Thank you for keeping it in the videos. Love Cooking with Dog ♥️

Emmie says:

“For the cold season”
Ahahaha its a very hot summer here in Australia


CHEFS SHIRT IS TALKING!!! XD ; RIP FRANCIS ; we just had a furry friend die, but he will be fondly remembered ; wishing you and yours the best =]

Golden White says:

miss u so much :3

Mystery _ says:

This is my favorite recipe on this channel! Thank you for sharing and showing!

Andrea Aldrich says:

Im gonna make a vegan version.

SleepingWhiteFox says:

О, это же голубцы! <3

Susan Lucas says:

Sick.. you lost me at wrapping cabbage in plastic and then microwaving.

Vexiel says:

Just like Polish golumpki!

Bailee Sherven says:


AssassinofHighgarden says:

These look so freakin GOOD! I’m so glad you continue to bring us recipes, have a wonderful holiday and have a happy new year!

Vladimir Yuvachov says:

Microwaving plastic wrap is really unhealthy, leaks a buttload of nasty chemicals like BPA into your food 🙁 Don’t do it!

Steven Cung says:

Francis you’re the best rest in peace in heaven we are mourning

PinkeeLee says:

another nice recipe from chef, who is looking very well indeed.  merry christmas!

Rachael Hughes says:

I miss Francis, this video broke my heart reminding me that he isn’t here. Chef I’m glad that you are doing well and cooking. I hope you will get another pup that could use a good home, and maybe also likes to cook.

Nana Papa says:

One of my husband’s favorite dishes. He, however, would not be happy with the kind of skimpy amount of filling (as delicious as it looked) Thanks though for a lovely video, have been watching you for years.

BSGA22 says:

I love these videos.

Alvin Lee says:

There’s a talking dog on the apron! There’s a talking dog on the apron!

Citrus Limona says:

Looks delicious! Also the framed drawing was really cute!

cosmo_rebeljdal97 says:

Real life cooking mama 🙂 it’s been about 7 years since I’ve been subscribed. Keep up the good work! 🙂

jin says:

Please adopt me

hamburgerhelperflick says:

OMG I only noticed that Francis on Chef’s apron talks halfway into the video!

Ryan Saunders says:

Lovely animation!

scifigrl23 says:

This is originally a Polish dish. I’m surprised it made it to Japan. This makes me happy as a Polish person.

Kathy McIntosh says:

Love your videos. Merry Christmas and have a great 2018!

isshinish says:

We miss Francis.

Sayuri Kinomoto says:

I just realized Francis is still narrating when he’s on chef’s apron! #mindblown

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