BEST Homemade Spaghetti and Meat Recipe | One Pot Dinner Recipes

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Today I’m in the kitchen with my Vovo cooking up some traditional Portuguese recipes I grew up on and still love to this day. Today were making a Spaghetti and Veal dish all made in one pot!

-1 lb veal stewing meat cut into small chunks
-1 medium brown onion finely chopped
-1 garlic clove minced
-1/4 cup olive oil
-2 tbsp tomato paste
-1 tsp sea salt
-1/2 tsp black pepper
-a few sprigs of fresh parsley roughly chopped
-1 bay leaf
-1 package of spaghetti (I haven’t tried it with brown rice pasta yet)
-8 cups of water



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Linda Long says:

It is so nice that you will have this video to remember and then pass on her recipe to your children!

Theama Rotterdam says:

I’m a simple girl, I see your grandma and press Like. 🙂

Chelsea Pirela says:

I just absolutely LOVE her accent. Her onion chopping skills are on point!

ivi122 says:

I love old school grandparents….I love how she cuts her food and how wise she is….love her!!!!!

4 Steps To Health says:

great video:) amazing recipe:) We would like to try as well:)

ZMR2 says:

Loved watching this! Your grandmother is adorable!

Elsa e Paulo says:

Comida Portuguesa 🙂 a melhor

Décor Diva says:

I’m starving now.  You have an adorable family.  Great recipe!

ivi122 says:

More videos with your grandma and can you have your grandpa in one of your videos too?!!! I love older and wiser folks…especially the old school like your grandparents…please respond to this comment! ❤️

1024specialkay says:

i don’t know why but this totally reminds me of when Laura from Laura in the kitchen cooks with her Nonna!
So cute!!

Caitlin's Corner says:

The look grandma gave in the blooper at the end…oh my god…pure gold LOL!

Maria Montero says:

your grandma so lovely. X

Mary Wilkins says:

She’s adorable! You resemble her. That looked really tasty.

Linda Gonzalez says:

I had a smile on my face the whole time. Your grandma is super cute! And the meal looks delicious!

albertina mario says:

A tua avó fala muito bem o ingles. Ela ja viveu ai no canada?

Terry says:

I made this tonight! Except I used chicken, a bunch more garlic, butter instead of olive oil because I ran out and diced tomatoes instead of tomato paste. So maybe I didn’t make this hahaha! But it did turn out pretty good! Very comforting. I have nothing to compare it to because I’ve never had Portuguese food but if this is close than I like!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

bunnnyful says:

Love these videos, your grandma is the star of the show.

NA says:

is anyone else fascinated at how she cuts her onions?

KatieBrockert says:

She’s so sweet! Do you speak Portuguese too?

Lydia S says:

Μακαρονια με κυμα!! 🙂

Kand!ce says:

First, I love Avo! So cute. More videos with her. Second, I made this for dinner tonight and it is so easy and yummy. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 <3

Erica G says:

Very interesting to see these Portuguese family recipes, thank you for sharing them!!

Bichon lover says:

Seriously disappointed that anyone would ever buy veal. Thankfully many restaurants have stopped serving it because it is down right inhumane.

Marlene Santos says:

Yeah comida portuguesa ❤️❤️❤️

Inês Lopes says:

That technique for cutting the onions is truly Portuguese. My mom and grandmother do it exactly the same!!!! I just can’t .. i stick with the chopping board!

Color Me Glam says:

Your grandma is GANGSTER at cutting veggies

Raw Chick says:

Reminds me fondly of my grandparents I loved seeing the unity. I’d sit watching my grandma cooking sitting in their kitchen on a high red stool with her giving me a special taste test! It’s years later I miss them both we were lucky as they lived until ages 95 & 97 they were very active and ahead of the lifestyle of today in that they knew to avoid sickness they grew their own veggies and fruits.

Mayra Salas says:

That looks tasty. I will give it a try because I’ve never had Portuguese food. Seeing you with your grandmother reminds me of my days with my grandmother. So cute!

L.A. Supermom says:

I like grandma Berta

Skylar says:

I’m from South America and I’m always astounded at the amount of oil they use down there in their food. Watching my relatives cook makes me so uneasy because they just dump everything in oil when they’re cooking lol

Neha Shrivastava says:

your granma is d cutest.

Sandra T says:

you look alot like your grandma 🙂 so precious

bluelove33 says:

So is it 8 cups of water total?

ivi122 says:

Please please do more videos with your grandma before she goes back to Portugal!!!!!

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