BEST EVER Stir Fry Beef w/ Ginger & Spring Onion Recipe 姜葱牛肉

hi I love stir fried beef with ginger and scallion (spring onion)! The divine combination of ginger and tender beef is too irresistible – I need a plate of this now with a bowl of rice! *salivating* This is an easy stir-fry dish which I highly recommend anyone to remember the recipe by heart.

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Hope you can recreate this yummy dish in the comfort of your home. Thanks for dropping by our channel.

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Serves 4

Marinating the beef
280g chuck tender – sliced thinly against the grain
2 teaspoons of corn flour
1 tablespoon of cooking oil
0.5 teaspoon of baking soda
2 tablespoons of water
A few dashes of pepper

The rest of the ingredients
7 – 8 slices of young ginger
2 onions – sliced thinly
1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
2 tablespoon of dark soya sauce
2 tablespoons of light soya sauce (low sodium)
4 stalks of spring onion
1/2 cup of water
2 tablespoons of Chinese cooking wine (Shaoxing Huatiao Wine)
1 tablespoon of sesame oil


wanling tay says:

I’m going to use ostrich, for this dish sometime this week.

Dayah Fii says:

Hi, what can I substitute chinese cooking wine with ? Tia.

MinecraftRocks2012 says:

Hi, when I used your marinade on the beef, there was a fishy smell. The beef was perfectly fine before marinading. I did some experiments and found out the baking soda (I used 0.5 teaspoon for 280g) made the beef smell fishy. How can I make the beef tender without making it smell fishy?

Universe LAW OF ATTRACTION says:

what do you think is better flash frying the beef or poaching in boiling water half cook? its oily if flash fried

Jiao Foster says:

Hi I know cornflour used to tenderise the beef. So what does baking soda do then? Does it make a real difference ?

Peter Zeegers says:

Made this tonight – simple & delicious.

Sibbine Van Lerberghe says:

It looks very good!

Joe Kasson says:

Please speak a little slower when talking about the ingredients. Love the channel, I’m learning how to cook thanks to your fantastic videos!

G Lee says:

My family clean up the plate and rice! Thanks for this recipe 🙂

Adrian At And T says:

Remember y wik is not on a stove, it is much higher heat!

email mary says:

i don’t have baking soda,it can be replaced with another one

Indri Iriani says:

Hi. Im wondering what material of wok are you using to cook this menu and how to season this kind of material of wok? Thanks

bertie botts says:

I always have a problem when it comes to stir-frying beef. I just can’t get it right. So the oil and wok has to be too hot? Is that right? And how many minutes total should you stir-fry it?
Mine always comes out either way too rubbery or raw. I can’t eat medium-rare ones, it has to be well-done or else my stomach will have problems. I am using thin cut of meat.

queens morena says:

is there any other way to cook the beef instead of frying it? my family doesnt really like too much oil

Elijah rideb says:

This looks……..uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhhhh I’m hungry now
Oh I subbed man this is great

h s says:

just made this and trust the title its really the best ever, made me subscribe

Robert Delisle says:

Please tell me what the last liquid ingredient is? I just cannot hear it well. Thank you.

shuvanidev says:

I made this tonight and it was excellent! Thank you!

Raji Andrew says:

Hi there, i’ve tried this recipe today and it came out so good. My family enjoyed. Thank you

Rebecca says:

Oooh, chef. You had me at ginger. This looks delicious. So making this tonight. Love you both.

dsouza joseph says:


Sathya Baanu says:

I tried this recipe because we sister recommended it and it was spot on! Was really really good! Thanks so much Spice N Pans. You guys have such great recipes and for someone living abroad this helps me recreate dishes from back home 🙂

MH Perio says:

Hi…..what flour did you use…..

june khoo says:

Hihi, i really enjoyed watching yr channel. Hv improved in my chinese cooking skill. Thks so much. Wanted to know if i dont stir fry the beef, will it taste as good as the recipe given. Dont really like frying stuff.

darrendelong says:

When you “run oil”, do you use high heat? When you stir fry the beef, do you also use high heat too? Thanks!


Look like shit!! Terrible

Mike's cannabis reviews in Florida says:

My father taught me these 17 years ago I love seeing this ty


Wowww im hungry now

Jessie Reynolds says:


Yoo Toob says:

Thanks for this video! I’ve prepped my vegetables and meat, but adding the oil to the meat beforehand and the order in which the veggies are cooked is a huge help!

Faye Mount says:

Your video is one of the best I have seen! Thanks.

Chueneng Yang says:

Will learn it.

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