Best Beef Steak Tartare Recipe – How to Make Steak Tartare

Learn how to make the best beef steak tartare recipe; a meat dish made from finely chopped or ground raw beef. Today I am showing you 2 different methods.



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Steak Tartare method: 01:23
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recipe for steak tartare


Benji Berigan says:

Is it possible to buy meat safe enough for this at the grocery store from a butcher?

VanillaSnake21 says:

can you do this with supermarket meat, or only an elite butcher?

mike mcginnis says:

Raw beef? You’re kidding right.

stef says:

Still one of the biggest mysteries in the world: *why do people not eat their fries with mayonnaise like we do in Holland?*

scada system says:

looks yummy. i will definitely try it

Michael Densing says:

This dish is seen from one of mr. Bean I understand why he never ate it..

Dude 437 says:

i thought Ketchup was not allowed in a french restaurant

K says:

Merci chef, beaucoup de recettes sur Youtube incorporent da la mayonaise dans le tartare ce qui est absent de la version originale, merci, votre présentation est très claire, ce sera le repas ce soir pour toute la famille 🙂

Annie Flores says:

Absolutely love steak tartare, had it in Paris first and immediately fell in love. I never knew it was so easy to make it myself! Thank you for this video

vicdan yaman says:

Where is the egg yolk, monsieur?

skandaa says:

You French are horrible, arrogant disgusting people *spit on you. On top of that.. Ketchup!?! You deserve a beating and choke out for being French but ketchup? Ahh you’ve taken it to another level!!!

Manuel Gutarra says:

Hi, Peruvian here, Im new to french cousine. Just wondering, is this meat raw? or the seasonings have some acids or any other component that slightly cook them? Like in the case of the peruvian ceviche in which the fresh fish is ”cooked” by the acids of the lemon.

rambo says:

is it not cooked….how the hell do you eat it uncooked, same for sushi

Eric G says:

What a fantastic recipe in a well-presented format! I cannot wait to try this!

Captain Ron says:


Sander Pleijsier says:

Nice to see a little bit of Dutch / Belgian influence, serving the fries with mayonaise 😉

John Bogiatzis says:

This is excellent. Chef Eric I love you no bullshit approach to cooking. Nothing over dramatic nothing pretentious about your style. Very nice and engaging for chefs and even amateur cooks. Très bien

Benji Berigan says:

Have you made it with horse meat before?

Karl Consiglio says:

Wow this guy looks like he just popped out of the cartoon Ratatouille. I love the way he does little playful things that make all the even how he built a little tower with the fries…and the way he cut the bread…and how everything is placed.

rb02909 says:

Looks great!

Pabler Arav says:

I recognised Anthony Bourdain’s recipe, and my suspicions were confirmed when you used his “utterly destroy it” line. There’s nothing wrong with that, but he also adds a splash of cognac.

To anyone apprehensive about raw meat– if you quickly sear the outside of the beef in a pan, and I mean seriously just wiping the meat on each side, it’s still basically raw, but you’ll have killed any bacteria. Challottes make the best onions.

Hand chopping is the way to go if you’re after texture. Don’t use Wonder bread like this video, a decent baguette is just as cheap. Pair with room temperature St. Agur cheese and the driest red wine you can find.

Elk, bison, and venison all make great tartares as well. Enjoy, my fellow raw meat enthusiasts.

EDIT: I’m not trying to criticise you at all, chef. We both prepare tartare very similarly, I’m just trying to elaborate a little for anyone else who wants to try this at home.

Benji Berigan says:

So its basically a burger that you dont cook

Kevin Miller says:

Came to see how many people enjoy raw meat. Not disappointed

willyb933 says:

Both methods look good and I love the ingredients. I think I might like to serve it to a guest un-mixed. The appeal in that for me is you can work with the creamy yolk and adjust the seasoning to your own liking. Thank you, Chef! ( I just made your Cordon Bleu recipe last nite…outstanding!)

Süchtig nach Wissen says:

you put the meat in a meat grinder? …
Ketchup? ….
the most Chefs i know would beat or yell …

Rondell Beats says:


i love dubsmash says:

m an indian we dnt eat raw how does it taste???

Adam Digilarmo says:

Your recipe looks so good. Thanks but, I do have a question… if I get the best beef I can get, and I cut it myself, is it safe?

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