Beef Goulash – Hungarian Beef Goulash Recipe – Paprika Beef Stew

Learn how to make a Beef Goulash recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and over 780 more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Hungarian Beef Goulash recipe!


vincent fiore says:

In a beef stew why did you add chicken stock and not beef?

Tom Thomas says:

why chicken broth and not beef broth?

mike banks says:

just curious why chicken broth instead of beef?

Tamatha Mavraides says:

I enjoy your channel.  You’re a hoot and your food makes me hungry.

Michael T says:

Why do you use chicken stock in a beef Goulash recipe? Please explain.

Meswan Ebrt says:

I tried this and it was absolutely


Worth it

C Harrison says:

I made this last weekend and it was ab fab! And, I didn’t chuck my own meat either. Thanks again John.

Scott S says:

I like your videos but you always say turn the heat up on high and bring it up to a simmer, then back off the heat and simmer for a while. What you are doing is bringing it up to a boil and then back it off to a simmer. Sorry it’s an ocd thing. Can’t wait to try this only I will use beef stock since I am allergic to chicken.

Eric Beck says:

This recipe was awesome to make. Once everything was reduced down the sauce was thick and the meat was so tender. The sour cream was the kicker in this. My kids even enjoyed it. I know I’ll be making this again.

서서민정 says:

Good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DiningWithDaddy says:

this looks tasty but If I served this to my girlfriends family, they would not be happy with me. This is a beef stew with paprika and caraway, which isn’t really the same thing as goulash, which is more of a soup-y consistency.

Lauren Brown says:

This is making me so Hungary!

plasmaredboy 89 says:

Loud house anyone

Rahul kumar says:

His voice is so relaxing…

Nadir Dbouk says:

I know you probably won’t see this chef Jon but you should make a video on bread and/or potato dumplings! Gulash and dumplings go together like peas and carrots!!!!

Zbdb 1 says:

Can you fall in love with a meal?

Nathan D says:

i begin to fall in love with this guy……. hahaha… oh by the way, i am straight as an arrow….great job Chef John……. i have been watching you at least twice or three times a day… for your information: i am a Chef also…

Mikasa Zoldyck says:

Is there a substitute for caraway seed?

paperbackwriter1111 says:

Makes sense you’re using an Austrian recipe, actual Hungarian gulyás is a soup.
Delicious stew you made, tho.

Karin Vail says:

I would love to see some venison recipes!

Rydellus says:

That’s not beef goulash. This is a grade A Czech gulash chef John. Check your data.

Murray Aronson says:

My Austrian born friends used to make what they called Viennese goulash and it was different in some small ways from Hungarian goulash. Another lady used to make Serbian goulash which was different from the Viennese and Hungarian versions. All were delicious.

Rubashow says:

1914 called and confirmed that Austria and Hungary are basically the same thing.

Ijas Mohammed says:

For us,curry eaters that’s a nascent curry

Satisek says:

How much cooking time can i cut off by using pressure cooker?

Carroll says:

Yum I miss that……

zanesmith666 says:

that is one big fuck off teaspoon

Raw Sauce says:

00:15 OMG never assume anything ever again then. Since the east and the west were divided from another for a few decades and the iron curtain ran along the austrian/hungarian border its completely different. If u cross the border from austria to hungary after 5 minutes you’ll think you’re on another continent. Compared to austria hungary is a shithole. Plus the language is completely different, the only nuce architecture was built by austrians back when they were one single country. Wish I had watched this 3 years ago

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