Beef and Noodle Casserole – Italian Pasta Bake – Recipe

The Wolfe Pit make a very simple, one dish comfort meal of beef, mushrooms,tomato sauce and elbow noodles.

1.5 lb – Ground Beef
2 tsp – Granulated Garlic
1 TBS – Dried Minced Onion
1 tsp – Salt
1 tsp – Black Pepper
1 tsp – Red Pepper Flakes (optional)
1 tsp – Oregano
7oz – Canned Mushrooms w/juice
24 oz – Spaghetti Sauce
24 oz – Water
8 oz – Dry Uncooked Elbow Macaroni
1.5 Cups – Mozzarella Cheese


Wendy F says:

Looks Great!!!

Gerry Mander says:

Seth Rogan much

Mr_K3vin R says:

So sorry to hear about the wheelchairn #whathappenedamigo

califdad4 says:

I used to make something very similar for the monthly dinner of one of my Lodge groups and it comes out really good. I used a red Sauce with peppers in it once,

Wanda Barefoot says:

This looks great and it’s what’s for dinner! Although I will be substituting spaghetti noodles as I’m out of macaroni. I have to say that I’m glad you showed us this method with the Pyrex dish. I’m also in a wheelchair and draining the pasta is very frightening at times. This will help tremendously. Thanks!

Marge Pellew says:

It looks excellent. I made your Salisbury steak recipe…excellent! I will give this a try too!

james t Smith says:

did not know you were in a wheel chair! doesn’t change my mind, you are the coolest reviewer and cook!

shawnbixby1 says:

Old school LIVE action Larry!

Willam Dedrick says:

My wife is in a wheelchair due to MS and she says you are her favorite cooking shiw. Hi from Daphne and jeep up the good work!

George Ballard says:

that looks delicious. i will definitely make this.

Inez Neal says:

You need a new pan.

Freedom_Guitar says:

I always knew this as “hot dish”. Great job, I’d eat it up!

Mandy Clarke says:

I’m watching this in 2018. You still in a wheelchair, dude? That’s the first I’ve heard, and I’ve defended your hands before.
I’m going with you having had a stroke, and I’m incredibly impressed that you have managed to maintain this YouTube channel. You go!

Steve Logan says:

I like this recipe Larry, i saw something similar on a food network show called something like yankee doodle casserole, which being from the the south , i almost wasn’t interested. I like your recipe better. I am not confined to a wheelchair, but i have had 19 scope surgeries on my lower back so i can’t stand in 1 place very long. Plus my right hand was severed and reattached, but the dexterity is poor. Any tips you might have that you use when cooking would be appreciated, have a good day buddy.

Inez Neal says:

I’m sorry I can’t buy you one.

mustluvkatina says:

Wonderful recipe!. I hope you have been able to get out of the wheel chair since this video!

milk mon says:

This was so good i made it last night. Thanks for sharing

mTube Foods says:

*Fantastic, thanks*

Rachelle Goodwin says:


caitlyn mousley says:

just a question, why are you in a wheelchair!!!

Ralph Cramden says:

wolfepit, you da man !…….subcribed.

Ladderthief1 says:

It’s like Hamburger Helper, but a lot more healthier.

Jeff Stanley says:

I know that you portray a professional, however; I blew up a crock pot liner by heating it on the stove top. It was my fault for putting it on the stovetop and for setting the heat to too high a temperature. I was trying to liquefy some grease. In any case, this was a bad example. I am still a fan and am glad you had a vid on how to include UNCOOKED pasta into a dish.

Yidris says:

I never knew you were in a wheelchair. Your videos are so well done, I never would have guessed.

Jeff Stanley says:

You explained your reason for cooking on the stovetop with Pyrex. But, why didn’t you just put the mix back into the cast iron or another suitable metal container? I know, you are going to say that you should not put tomato based foods into cast iron. BS, just clean and lightly reseason if you are afraid that you ruined the seasoning. You are talking to a guy that put a crock pot liner on the stovetop that had a lot of grease in it to liquefy the grease and pour it off in order to clean it. I admit, I turned the burner onto to high a setting and the crock pot broke all to pieces. So now I have broken crock pot and grease running all over my stovetop and the smoke detector is going crazy with the resultant smoke from the now burning grease. There was no fire just a hell of a mess. If it had not been a smooth top stove can you imagine that mess???!!!!!! Be safe.

Sherrie French says:

Looks delicious

Lee Troutner says:

Until I watched this video, I had no idea that you were in a wheelchair. Is that still the case for you Mr. Wolfepit?

Dream Electric says:

Beefaroni is what we used to call it when i was a kid. Looks like some serious comfort food.

Janice Chaudhury says:

Looks absolutely delicious and easy to make. Thank you for a great video.

handaman112 says:


Marijane Park says:

I make something similar but simpler. 8 ounces of pasta is a half- pound. 16 ounces of anything is a pound.

Mary Hooper says:

Love your show

Fatima Miller says:

well wolf i think you are the best cook on youtube

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