AIRFRYER Beef & Vegetables Recipe Todd English AIR FRYER

AIRFRYER Beef & Vegetables Recipe Todd English AIR FRYER
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Joluone Onejoly says:

1 and half frozen vegetable bag 180c in 8 min? realy

Carol Church says:

Which is ure favorite

Carol Church says:

Looks so yummy ,your gonna be out of house and hone if u keep ordibg airfryers and all the kitchen gadgets known to man lol

insanechevy91 says:

Looks awsome

Agmef Aquino says:

Taste good well done

Natasha Emery says:

I wasn’t sure about this air fryer thing but you made me a believer. Going to order this Air Fryer from QVC and try some of your recipes. Thanks a mil.

Falcon Arakan says:

Man that’s cool

TheRosemariesuz says:

could you not just put the veg in half way through on top of the meat?

Vannasgran 617 says:

Oh my! I will be trying this. I just got a air fryer. I’m in love. The first and only thing I cooked was chicken. First day….. first meal. Lol. Thanks for recipe.

Jus- Sayin says:

Looks delish.

Jus- Sayin says:

Doug have you compared the cooks essentials air fryer to a air fryer XL. I’m curious since I’m going to buy one

Eden Heaven says:

very interesting that you do the sauce and the veggies separate and mix at the end I am going to try this with chicken veg and teriyaki sauce. great video!

Eye on art says:

does that panda sause have msg, and orster sause in it?

mizzpeller gingersnaps says:

no rice???? *asked the Cajun*

Gosia Piszczor says:

Great recipe

ElashPretty says:

I would definitely have that with some rice! yum!

Johanna Silva says:

drooling. Definitely gonna try this thank u

Mary Walker says:

Looks yummy!

Agmef Aquino says:

I like air fryer where did you buy that machine is better the
Using microwave is not good heat food make you sick
Airfryer more better easy to understand the machine how much it costs I need that machine to cook

BigJuicy328 says:

good job

bebebutterfield1 says:

I just received that very airfryer a few days ago. This looks yummy indeed and thank you for sharing. I’ll definitely give it a try.

MarkCEO09 says:

Does your air fryer cleans well?

Jeepergirl says:

looks great!

Bobby You Tube says:

I like your moto!

Robert Argo says:

Looks delicious Doug. Where did you get the pan that had sauce in it? Thanks

Codell Jones says:

watched this twice and I am going to use this recipe to the perfect cooker and see how comes out. will let you know when.

calendarpage says:

I made this just now, using Gardein vegetarian beefless beef tips and a bag and a half of frozen veg. I used Thai peanut sauce thinned a little with teriyaki sauce. Yes! CE AF for the win! This will really change how I cook when I come home from work.

Suzanne Fox says:

What a great recipe, it really looks delicious. I think I would try with chicken as well.
Probably some fried rice on the side. I would’ve never thought of this less you did it of course, great job!

Sarah Lynn says:

Thank you so much for doing all of these cool recipes with the air fryer. I just got one and am looking for new ideas!

Mister Mister says:

Awesome recipe, Doug!!! What types of sauces can I use other than gravy? I’m totally new to cooking

Kiki K Darling says:


Jasmine Quiñones says:

Looks Good

Carol Church says:

I’ve two myself both gifts though

Huron Auto Detailing says:

Great video, thanks for sharing.

Johanne Alton says:


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