7 Easy Steak Dinners

Recipes here:

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Tastes Like Chicken Mcm
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Ameen Shaikh says:

i tried all 7

Calvin Limuel says:

Vampire Taco?? that’s a hilarious name

Mauricio Hernandez says:

first one looks good, all the other ones not so much.

Samantha Weiss says:

They look beautiful but it would be nice to see a recipe without cheese or milk for the people like me who keep kosher and can’t eat meat and milk together.

MAY7317 says:

That’s Gordon Ramsey..

Sara Pourroy says:

Not speak english

Gael says:

I mean where are the marinades… cmon man

Merlyannrose says:

love watching these! most of all, I just learned the hand-finger technique(rare,medium,well-done).

michael nettles says:

These bitchs don’t be cooking there meat all the way. I don’t like meat that’s pink of is that just me

A. ALI says:

I never understood the finger trick till I saw this video

ytsas49007 says:

And i’m sitting here eating orange peels and paper towels…

Ameen Shaikh says:

it’s really TASTY

Whathellllll says:

Omg no, never coocking in smoking oil

Sara Pourroy says:

Pero igual la comida se ve muuuuuy rica

chondele says:

Wow, they love cheese on this channel.

Koji Asai says:

What’s that jazz piece called?

kgaming says:

That garlic butter steak GIVES ME LIIIIIFE!!!

Raina Embel says:

A really good steak recipe is whenever you have leftover steak, the next morning you can scramble it with eggs and with bell peppers and onions and it tastes absolutely delicious, I put it all in a corn tortilla since I usually don’t have a lot of time and I also heat up the tortilla it’s quick and easy.


Tasty, the official sponsor of cheddar .

Kelly Peralta says:

Well,let me see if I get it,u don’t need to know how to cook,u just need lot of cheese lol

Ella says:

gimme em all

Shabber Bukhari says:

Which kind of mest is this

Csaba Németh says:

Please learn to season from a height!!!!

Clorox Bleach says:

Me:Sounds like a ambulance. . .
Me:*Hears sounds*
Me:*Peeks on a corner*

Shardul Kamble says:

Well which steak is more expensive?? New York strip or Rib-eye??

Jay Reese says:

Only problem for me is the pink inside I hate the I like my steak well done

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