1 Pound Ground Beef, 4 Easy Dinners

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Ravioli ravioli, give me the formuoli says:

Hambuger Helper who?

Anthony Terry says:

Man this music doesn’t help matters especially on an empty stomach lol!

Snippet Stories says:

What’s up everyone! If you have some spare time to watch a new YouTuber then come head over to my channel and fill free to watch some videos and support!

Steven Kurniawan says:

Great practical video for me to make some food. Awesome!

Erika Cole Soul Kitchen says:

That first one is hamburger helper

3loco .M says:

I just finished the first one, and it’s delicious thank you

Remeez Jackson says:

Fadia make this…

glenn geib says:

Just made this and I️t was so good!

TheCaptainhowdy11 says:

Does anybody know the song of they are using?

Craig J Stafford says:

drain the grease ! otherwise serve these dishes with a rib spreader ~

Candy Van says:


Constantine Baybakov says:


gabriel alva says:

Real mexican tacos are made with carne asada, pollo asada, adobada but never ground beef

Jose Nunez says:

damn son i aint trynna eat all that cheese and milk tho

BIGgourami says:

Only complaint is that the “Swedish” meatballs featured no dill seed

addpinkie says:

i physically cringe whenever they put milk into a perfectly good meal

Red Guy says:

Look, are you guys here to try the recipes out or just to criticize the video? I mean who the hell cares if they always sprinkle cheese on top or add milk? You don’t HAVE to add these ingredients in if you don’t want to. Go mad with the recipes any way you want, Tasty’s hardly gonna penalize you for it, is it?!

Incidentally, if anyone’s after the tune played in the video, it’s called “Come To It” by James Taylor, you can find it in Audio Network.

xLttPx says:

Why the fuck does every recipe on earth use onions? Fuck off.

Steve Logan says:

4 ounces of ground beef, then add 12 ounces of bread crumbs

Georgeta says:

these are so fast I have to go back and forth several times to write down all the ingredients or just to pay attention at the method. Is that possible to slow down playing ?

natchanok jariya says:

i like cooking

daric nd says:

why do u put cheese n milk in everything

vminnie the pooh says:

You know what, I am gonna try something, I am gonna stuff ground beef with cheese and cook it hang on.

DreamilyReal says:

Sorry but I’m kinda disgusted by most of the recipes in this video…

The Motherf_cker says:

wow imma try that One-pot Cheeseburger Pasta on christmas. <3

Metabee says:

how ya ass saying 1/2 tsp pepper and you use 2-3 tsp

Trxth2 says:

Why do I watch these videos at 12 am I’m torturing myself

Josie Galvan says:


Sarah Fortin says:

the cheeseburger pasta recipe is amazing i highly recomend it. although it does not need extra seasoning salt bc of the beef brooth.

Josie Galvan says:


mastersnet18 says:

Is the pasta that you add in the first recipe cooked or uncooked?

Sarah Cee says:

I just made the cheeseburger beef and it was pretty “tasty”

David M says:

A qué sabe el sazonador de taco? Neta no entiendo que pedo, el taco no es un sabor xd

Mikayla Bingman says:

1:52 – 2:49 is the one im making

N A says:

Only put salt on the outside of your meatballs after you’ve mixed and rolled them. This will keep them from drying out on the inside when cooking them 🙂

CakesandCurves says:

Precooked rice or no? For the Taco Bell peppers

Rory McMilland says:

I cant there is no meat loaf here…

Zerus Zephuros says:

Sooooo tasty is re-using vids and recipes to make new vids now….?

lalabye lulu says:

I  don’t eat this much cheese

Keasha Zigler says:

What the fuck!!! I’m Mexican, and it isn’t a taco

Severus Kou says:

What is Worcestershire Sauce?

Potter tons says:

Love these tasty recipe videos. Other than the fact that they are easy to follow and taste great, the music selection also plays a roll in just making you want to get up and jam while cooking. Haha

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