Zaru Soba Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

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This video will show you how to make Zaru Soba, cold buckwheat noodles. It is such a refreshing dish in summer. This will cool you down in the hot weather!


Patchawadee Wongsawat says:

I like this style. I love Japanese food, thank you very much now I know to cook them at home….

Liliann31 says:

I love your channel such good videos

ra33it821 says:

One of my favorite noodle dishes…So refreshing on a hot day!!

misspineapplemilk says:

I bought some buckwheat soba a week ago so I am glad I found a recipe.

shahvei says:

Hey thats Nubee Japan Life game music lol

Isaiah Johnson says:

is the sauce cold as well?

OHZdashcam says:

You don’t use the cooking water for drinking the rest of the tsuyu?

Loody Saad says:

Bento box! Plz

Rachel Madura says:


Baby Loftus says:

What a fantastic video! Thank you so much. I’ll make sure to look at your website. 🙂 can’t wait to start cooking!

Cheryl S. says:

I loved your serving dish and mat. Did you buy them in Japan or are they available in the U.S.?
Also, which varieties of soba did you use?
Thank you for this recipe. I’m definitely trying this one.

Midnight Foxy says:

there is hot soba lolz

monkeeCnDew says:

Soba and somen noodle makes a very refreshing meal during the summer! do you recommend buying dry wasabi powder or a tube of ready-to-use?

JapaneseCooking101 says:

We recommend tubes. There are some decent wasabi in tubes, and the more you spend the better it gets. (there are several different kinds even from the same brand!)

Auriiyuu says:

I love this chanel! I really like the music and you guys are really good at explaning. Could you guys please make a dango recipie?

teacup tralala says:

This is such an easy and fast recipe. It didn’t take me even 15 minutes to make everything and it’s really delicious.
After eating you can take the water where you boiled the noodles and pull a bit into the rest of your tsuyu. Then you can drink it. I like the taste.

Gabrul Dooh says:

I can eat zaru soba everyday and be so happy.. I’m not even Japanese.

Stacey Chua says:

I love this video, but sometimes it’s very wordy until like half of the video then comes the important part. How to really cook the soba. 😀

Ali HISOKA says:

Thank you so much Noriko-San & Yuko-San for this recipe .. looks so Yummy like always .. Japanese foods are really Yummy and so healthy ^_^ .. My best regards , keep going please 🙂

Ali HISOKA says:

by the way , can you please make a typical japanese grilled fish ? .. Onegaishimasu 🙂 .. Thank you so much 🙂

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