Yakisoba Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Yakisoba, a popular stir fried noodle dish.
Full recipe here: http://www.japanesecooking101.com/yakisoba-recipe/
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Husni Marzuki says:

mee goreng

Kebede Buna says:

I liked it except the pig meat…

epie orchid says:


TheSquishyMonster says:

I had some yakisoba this past weekend dining out and I’m 100% positive it was not as delicious as this!

DTHUGisdashit says:

hello… you live in san diego right? what are some good japanese/asian supermarkets in the area that carry authentic japanese products?? 

John says:

Looks great!  Thanks for sharing.

sanjya dhakal says:


Ritsukaberry says:

Mmmmm!! I loveeee yakisoba. So delicious.

Ellechim Pagangpang says:

do u have yakisoba sauce recipe?

Altair Nilo Barros da Silva says:

seems nice! I’ll make it soon. thank you very much.

Shaleen Greene says:

Yum! Thanks for sharing! 

Nathan Walker says:

needs more heat i think

Umulisa Njyewe says:

Oishi so! I like yakisoba, now that you just showed me how to cook it, I won’t miss it even a day. Arigatogozaimasu

Linh Nguyen says:

can we skip the bell pepper?

andre pachi says:

17 seconds to the begining? please, time is money.

mikay Mondia says:


Daniel Valdez Zamora says:

ありがとう ございます

aLaMode298 says:

Thanks for the recipe Noriko-san and Yuko-san! I’ll try this yakisoba recipe. 🙂

Dave C says:

Your Ramen recipe calls for fresh, refrigerated, uncooked angel hair pasta (which my supermarket doesn’t sell) cooked with baking soda. Can these noodles be used for Ramen or do they go all wrong when you boil them? There are 3 oriental grocers in my area, and I think they sell these prepackaged noodles at one of them.

Saikhnaa Marshall says:

What was the sauce recipe?

octapusxft says:

Was that cabbage particularly tender? You sliced it like butter with a  hot knife!

twocupsoftee says:

Looks great, thank you!

Celosia Prisco-Ganaha says:

My mother makes this a lot at dinner time. But, she has to make double to serve the four of us.

Max Tull says:

Could I also leave the meat out to make it vegetarian?

Ovats Alva says:

HI, i love this . Very popular here in Brazil specially in my state there lot of dekasseguis…

jesternario says:

It is not mentioned how many this serves. Is it a single’s recipe? How would you change the ingredients and cooking methods if you were serving it to, say, six people?

Robert Peters says:

#yummylicious   #yakisoba  

WhitFit says:

One of my favorites!!!!

ivana uy says:

I love yakisoba so much!

eli methorst says:

Looks delicious lady’s , I am definitely going to cook this.

beehoon tan says:

Will definitely try making this. Thanks! BTW, how about a video on Shokupan in the near future?

Hans Mustang says:

Is it still good without meat ?

slashnyaoi says:

I swear I see that same pan in every Japanese cooking video on youtube

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