Yakiniku (Japanese-style Barbecue) Recipe 焼肉 作り方 レシピ

How to Make Yakiniku 焼き肉の作り方 字幕表示可 材料(日本語)↓ (serves 2)
200g Beef Slices, short ribs or round (7.1 oz)
120g Pumpkin, thinly sliced (4.2 oz)
2 Small Bell Peppers
1 Ear of Corn, boiled and cut into 4cm/1.6 inch pieces
1 Onion
4 pieces of Okra
Pork Belly Slices

Lemon, sliced

– Sauce –
1 tbsp Sake
1 tbsp Mirin or substitute: 1 tsp Diluted Honey with 1 tbsp Hot Water
1½ tbsp Soy Sauce
Chopped Garlic Clove to taste
Ichimi, red chili powder

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Patrick Hogue says:

Pork belly wrapped shishito? That’s what I’m making.

bunchoan says:


nightsky1696 says:

I really want the knife~ 😀

WyvernKiller02 says:

soy. ginger. garlic. sesame. spring onion. sriracha. i havent watched the video yet but i have a feeling these are important ingredients in asian cooking

Li Qi says:

Imagine if francais died…

linca101 says:

Francis REALLY wanted some of that pork belly (and I don’t blame him!)


i ussually made this with beef then the sauce is just soy sauce cause im lazy :V
Greetings from your fan from Indonesia

Jude Abijah says:

And just like that, a poodle knows how to cook Japanese Steak.

exlibrisas says:

If my cat ran into this kitchen, chef nor Francis or filming crew would survive… You know, he`s addicted to food and smells like that would make him wild. Because he hates ordinary cat food.

1927 ici says:


cat cat says:

Good korean food!

Mercury 200.59 says:

poor dog.

La Greñas says:

Isn’t that jalapeño? I swear i thought he made a mistake, or is that how big bell peppers are in japan?

cat cat nguyen says:
sassa sutakora says:

Japanese yakiniku >>>>>>>>>>>>Korean bulgogi

나는야라디니 says:


Elyse Marie says:

Francis became animated when Chef put corn and pumpkin into the bag to coat them with oil. I’ve seen dogs go nuts over meat or cheese, but not vegetables.

Vic M says:

Why in gods name am I watching this at 2 in the morning!!!

Infinity games says:

The beef looks soooo good

gatchmisu says:

el perro está igual que nosotros xD

An Jin Geon says:

I can tell that “yakiniku” is korean recipe..

Kitsunekashii ベア says:

The sizzle ‘tho. Kanojo-san I’m hungry. Can you adopt me? Replace me with your inu. xD

Ngọc Trần says:


Aki says:

I think yakiniku originated from KBBQ (Korean barbecue) Japan have many foods that originated from different countries

Big Gav says:

awwwww the wee dog wants some x

Lemuriath Lezardess says:

francis is like my pretty boy dante, xD always puts out his tongue to ask me some food, and of course i’ll give him some xD, so everytime i saw francis going nuts with this recipes im like “omg, give him soooome, i want to see eating some of that!!!” xD

thnks so much for this channel, i learn more about japanese food <3

Morgan Spellman says:


刘郑大军 says:

how can ur cute dog resist and stay put?! hahaha….

Cowy Cute says:

Yummy and healthy nice!

Ksatriya Tama says:

the narator sounds like japanese borat

V. Cárdenas says:

Trunks’ favorite food

Tony Xia says:

… then, put the doggu in the pan for sixu minutes

Itzumii Amatzura Hook says:

Is it really delicious the onion like that? D:

Blazing Cookie says:

i tried one of those it wassss sooo goood

unebonnevie says:

That is real beef, unlike crappy American beef!

Nompy says:

Right when she flipped the meat, I said mmmmm that looks so good

bunchoan says:

My Favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hugo favio del puente garcia says:

a mi me gusta los filetes grandes jaja pero se vio rico jaja.

amro abdulbade says:

that dog behave better than my children

Vincent Jack says:

the dog also want to eat.

Westward Eggplant Studios says:

That okra looks SO GOOD!

Alex L says:

Koba meat ffs! Wish! =/

My info says:

where can I find pan like that 🙂

Filipe Pinto says:

Is that Wagyu meat?

Dare To says:

Origined from Korea

Runnig with Matches says:

what is name of the pumpkin/squash vegetable that you use? (I love your channel! :3)

Psalm Jirehmae says:

Can we use any meat instead of vegetables to be covered by bacon

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