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This video will show you how to make Tsukue, chicken meat balls with a kind of Teriyaki sauce.
Full recipe here: http://www.japanesecooking101.com/tsukune-recipe/
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Sushi2409 says:


Sherrie Yokoro says:

Oh my girls will love them. Thank you for sharing the recipe with us.

Kali Chung says:

Thank you for this recipe! I enjoyed making it and your recipes and videos are easy to follow for beginners like me! I have confidence in cooking Japanese food thanks to you!

Sharon Yang says:

any substitute for mirin or can we just leave it out?

JustAskingAndCurios says:

Your recipe doesn’t mention starch amount for the chicken mix. Also, how much water for the sauce. Thanks ladies.

tinaloveseddie says:

Can I substitute corn starch for the katakuriko?

Theresa Yadao says:

Greetings from Monterey, CA!! I love this recipe! Thank you for another Bento recipe!! My kids will be so excited to open their Bentos to see these! Love your website as well, so easy to navigate. Have a wonderful day ladies!

Mika ritsu says:

people dont give mirin to any recipe for kids because it has some alcohol

Gwen O says:

These look delicious! I am going to try to make them this weekend, I’m very excited!

kitabootforever says:

looks so good!

pinkdipi says:

I appreciate that you turn recipes that need special traditional cooking gadgets into something westerners can prepare with what we have. Thank you very much! ^^

karuroo says:

Yummmmz! I want to eat now. Thank you for the recipe.

Beth Rubley says:


luticia says:

I know it’s a stupid question because it’s not going to be Tsukune anymore but I just don’t eat any kind of meat instead of fish & sea food. Therefore, is it possible to make Tsukune also with fish? Which one would you suggest?
-Thank you very much!

E_SENPAI says:

I have a large family to feed. Should I double or triple the recipe for four hamburger steaks and some extra ?

Coco bean says:

Oishii! I was very pleased how these turned out. I made my own ground chicken using chicken breasts and a ninja and used cornstarch (I can’t find any katakariko/potatoes starch anywhere) and it still turned out delightful. Thanks for the video!

JR Lenard says:

This looks so freaking good!

Cheerok says:

In the recipe you say that Katakuriko Starch is the same or comparable to Potato Starch. It would be nice if you could include such things in the video as well.

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