Top 8 Back to School Lunch Ideas (Japanese Recipe Haul) | OCHIKERON | Create Eat Happy :)

These are the fun and delicious Japanese lunch ideas you can take to school 😉
Thank you for your request and liking Japanese food 💕

Individual recipes are HERE:

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smellyalater says:

I just wanted to let you know that your videos always make me so so happy! You’ve helped me to realize how much I love cooking, and how much fun it can be. thank you for everything ♥️

Henrique FukUshima says:

This video is SO good.

barbora hornychová says:

This is so cute

Carla Tate says:

Wow those triangle sandwich wrappers are cool. My favourite bento was the stackable panda with rice soup and salmon.

Frederick König says:

I have never got a lunch box…. Getting reborn what about getting born in Japan to get a lunch box for school?

javier chavez says:

i can make this easily because i have a 2 japanese grocery near me called daido and seiwa and also have a kura sushi near me and a daiso comming soon! and i live in houston tx~

ochikeron says:

When does your school start?
Anyone brings Japanese food to school?
Let me know~ hehe

remarkable937 says:

Hi Ochikeron. My son has asked me to start doing bento boxes for lunch. When you put rice, tonkatsu sandwiches, etc, are they very cold by the time the child eats lunch in school, or do the food items stay kind of warm? Do you worry the food will go bad if it isn’t refrigerated? Thanks!

HakulBee S says:

I think Japanese kids eat much better then American kids based on my own childhood boxed and or cafeteria lunches heh.

Rhea Rodrigues says:

Yay I’m third

Brittanie Loren says:

Wow, there’s so much good info here!! Thank you for making such a helpful video!! 😀

nimedhel09 says:

So many fun ideas! I’m keeping the video for future reference for when my little one will begin going to school. I’m dreading and excited for when that does happen, lol! He’ll be able to start going to kindergarten (or whatever the name for the part before primary school is) when he turns 2 1/2 years old (children in Belgium can start their first year of education that early if the school accepts, and I do hope the one we’re sending our little one to will).
School in Belgium begins the 1st weekday of September, so this year, the 3rd.

Matharo says:

I tried the onigirazu and it was delicious! I kept putting too much rice though haha

Karla Venice says:

Everything looks so yummy!

だいすきねこ says:


かわいいアライグマ says:

I like this new style of your videos! I learned a lot from you and I really hope your channel will grow! Watching it I remember your voice in my head ^-^ Thank you so much~

Desiree Yeah says:

I love your Videos! 😀

H351gbgone says:

Ochikeron san i am new to japanese food making what is the basic japanese foodi should i try making for beginner ?

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