Tonkatsu (deep fried pork) Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make delicious Pork Tonkatsu (deep fried pork) right at home!

Full recipe here:
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Iam a CoffeeHolic says:

thanks for sharing. this is so inspirative. love it

95ellington says:

I love u, u made my dinner tonite.

Insta subbed.

Mu Susa says:


Kevin Wright says:

Yummy yummy
Can using tiny bit of oyster sauce also.
Trying with raccoon also! Yummy!
Can using ….rabbit duck opossum and roadkill too…yummy!

shair00 says:

This is very tasty for sure. If you want an original recipe for tonkatsu sauce, go to COOKINGINRUSSIA here on youtube. his recipe goes back many years when Japan first started making this, and its very different that the sauce sold in the USA today but it is very authenic. Give him a try, you wont be disappointed

Mishka Dahlbäck says:

Lmao the background music is from the game called “cooking mama”.

Kakuzen says:

This is always great to make. Really easy, and cheap, too! The sauce is always an awesome addition.

kevin hatanaka says:

I miss my aunts cooking so this helps a lot arigato

ALL JAPAN - 日本 says:



edelric009 says:

i made this today!!

araya says:


Natasha Maltby says:

are these things also available in the uk?

Tony D says:

Sooo good

Elsa Mishiro says:

umnnn, its look yummy i wanna try it

ZhenShenGeisha says:

oh id love to make this… but call me a scaredy cat.. ;w; id be scared to work with  that much oil.. might get it to hot and splatter all over

pipefox19 says:

what would go good with pork cutlets besides rice

assej park says:

Would definitely try this now!!!thank u so much..

boranee goo says:

why does my panko crumb bread fall apart when i fry it ? 🙁

The Bystander says:

What sauce did you put on Tonkatsu?

Arries David says:

Never felt so happy with a video’s outro.

guppymer says:

really oishi des,arigato for detailed demonstration!!!

RoMayDrako says:

I hate pork, they asked me to make pork, guess this is what I’ll be trying.

mike milles says:

Hola muchas gracias me ayudo mucho y aparte de que estan deliciosos se les agradece, Muy buen trabajo saludos! 😀

Treasures Grant says:

My family loves Tonkatsu! Thank you! 

BigBite says:

Thnx for sharing this video, +JapaneseCooking101 🙂 I loved it!

Lee Jung Min says:

how can i make tonkatsu sauce?

GLGM says:

Her voice makes me cringe a lil bit

infotainment channel says:

I have spent months studying paleo resources and found an awesome resource at Paleo Secret Blueprint (check it out on google)

michael minner says:

I’m making this Katsu this Saturday with some Japanese coco curry

Itadakimasu Bento says:

Very Well Made! I Want to make this for dinner know. Off to the store I go!!

Tashy La Gatita says:

hello i like it i can use vegetable oil and BBQ souce?

TheAnimeExplorer says:

her accent is adorable and i really want to try and make this!!

Madison McMahan says:

For Tonkatsu sauce I can never find it in our local Asian market or local grocery store so i usually use ketchup,oyster sauce,lemon juice,and worcestershire sauce does anyone know if maybe it would be the same as they said how to make in the video??

armst012 says:

This is just as good baked as it is fried

Morgan Meme Machine says:

My fellow weebs where you at?

LI Outdoorsman says:

where did you get your stainless steel tongs from !??

KellVix says:

I am gonna try this and fyi i am 11 years old so wish me luck

Ryujin Yang says:

oishi arigato

batty says:

God I’m craving this right now but I have gastritis. 🙁

Joyce Mae says:

oishi 😀

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