The Secret to Perfect Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) | Easy Japanese Cooking | Recipe

Perfect Japanese fried chicken is incredibly easy to make, and the secret is as simple as frying it three times.

This triple frying technique takes just 5 minutes from start to finish, and ensures a crispy outside and soft and tender chicken inside.


snakemastar123 says:

back the truck up, you can’t fry a wing in 2 min 4:24 wtf?? bonless or not, nor dark thigh meat in that time, I just deboned a chicken last night and deep fried it in pieces, it still takes about 10 minutes to get 155-160 Degrees. anyone else catch this???

Danny Richardson says:

So glad I found your channel. I remember you from your TV show cooking across Japan. You’ve just received another sub.

Mikeybikey88 says:

Great recipe and amazing video and audio quality. Subbed 🙂

Daniel Bell says:

Anything to replace the mayo

Kaushik Poddar says:

Weren’t you in MasterChef Australia ?

Vic Villena says:

2:33 AM.. why am i doing this to myself.

Yushi3100 says:

This looks delicious
Great work
Liked the whole atmosphere of the video 🙂

kristi Zhang says:

I once had some Korean fried chicken, and that disappointed me …I m not a big fan of SWEET meat

precursor301 says:

Join the killer bean army

a ra says:

What can replace the seven spices?

djswissdean says:

subbed whoever loves chicken so much will give much respect as well. #chickenlover hehehe

Harvard Ford says:

Guys rocking a Panerai Pam 392
I like his style lol

Analena Ruffolo says:

Love this! About to try karaage for my first time and im sooo excited 🙂

Kimmarie Trentacosta says:

if your not following the true recipe its not perfect japanese fried chicken

kristi Zhang says:

I once had some Korean fried chicken, and that disappointed me …I m not a big fan of SWEET meat

Jazz FTW says:

Weren’t you on tv and from aussie and used to cook where you’d goo

Jeebs Gold says:

This isn’t really karaage. Still, looks good. It’s potato starch not flour and should be kind of like a batter. Also, no skin.

ponkkaa says:

You’re supposed to eat it on camera so we can see how crunchy and delicious it is…like Maangchi does.

Simply Elegant Home Cooking says:

Very interesting take on fried chicken, I might have to try this!

Stephen Han says:

Love how simple and elegant your cooking videos are, very easy to follow along and learn without unnecessary distractions.

koylo says:

This is literally the same recipe my dad has been making for his entire fried chicken career. Adds sesame tho, not exactly japanese but hella tastey…

all day i eat like a shark says:


Dustin Haney says:

No egg? Surprising

James Freeman says:


AtlanticWalrus says:

Your voice is great

coocookid406 says:

glad i found this channel. so good

White Thunder says:

I’m confused…are you Chinese or Japanese? Not that it matters… I’m just curious…

Mikazuki Augus says:

Yeah and the most unhealthy method

Beautiful_Life says:

eating icecream while watching this

Zak hassan says:

Nice Panerai man!
Also great video

Rizki Djunara says:

its been so long adam, last time i saw you was in australian masterchef season 2

Aaron Chow says:

WAIT! You’re AMAZING! A natural in front of the camera! Keep making videos.

WongmanX2 says:

Wow Adam! I didn’t expected you on youtube after masterchef!

ChicagoTurtle1 says:

Yes!!!!! I’m so glad this karaage recipe by Adam is on YouTube!! I saw him teach it on an Aussie food series but they removed it from YouTube!!

包仔 says:

Can you cook the tebasaki wings next time ?

X says:

How do you not have more subscribers?! Your content is amazing. SUBSCRIBED.

Can’t wait to try this recipe!

Dwayne Wladyka says:

That is an epic looking recipe. I love Japanese food very much.

girbaux dede says:

List of recipe with measurements on it would be nice

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