THE BEST Homemade Teriyaki Sauce | Easy Japanese Recipe

This homemade teriyaki sauce takes less than 5 minutes, much cheaper than commercial sauces, contains less than A THIRD of the sugar of commercial sauces and tastes much, much better to boot.

If there’s one super-versatile must-have sauce you need to make, it’s this.

The full recipe and conversions:


Azib Jita says:

What can I use as a substitute for sake?

sabe thunder says:

60 g suger is not enough I would go with 90 g

Love Valencia says:

We do not have sake mirin is the only available what can i use if we di not have sake

문진한 says:

It is very easy one. Um.. how long can i keep it??

Antonio de la torre says:

Thanks Adam

Nazhiim harman says:

Hi for Muslim users right what can we substitute the sakae

Teh Tabi says:

Will you be making a video about making Shoyu Ramen with that Teriyaki sauce?

Daniel Khor says:

how long can this be kept at room temperature of average 28-32 ‘C?

melkoren says:

So I couldnt find mirin, but i did find some cheap sake, I replaced the mirin with plain sake, added more sugar and 4 teaspoons of seasoned rice vinigar, end result is good, but I have nothing to compare it to. This recipe made 2 empty soy sauce bottles worth. I’m letting the mix sit in the fridge over night before I make my chicken. Thanks for this video!

ArifSRahaman says:

For those who do not use alcohol, is there a substitute for the sake and mirin? Both for this recipe and when used in others?

marjorie anquilero says:

It gives me anxiety to see that there’s a little water on the battle before he put the sauce on this video. I still love him tho.

Raphs sketches says:

Can I use honey instead of suger

IWalkAlone247 says:

I have a question…..

You mentioned that mirin is rice wine, or something to that effect. I’ve been trying to make Chinese and Japanese dishes for quite some time now (nothing beats homemade). So many of my recipes have called for rice wine or rice wine vinegar. So I’m wondering, could either rice wine or rice wine vinegar be an equal replacement for mirin? Or should I just go with mirin alone?

Also, should this be stored in the fridge, or at room temperature?


Punk rock In the wrong hands says:

I love teriyaki. Personally, I like mine with a little bit of minced fresh ginger or ground ginger in a pinch.

Antonín Miloschewitsch says:

Can i substitute sake with shaoxing wine? I’m from Czech Republic and can’t get a hold of sake easily. Thx for reply Adam. ☺️

Bé Em says:

How many oz is that bottle? And can I use low sodium soy sauce. Will it taste different?

Amiruddin Arif says:

Is there any non-alcoholic alternative for mirin and sake?

archwing3441 says:

Quick question. I heard there are different types of Mirin. Does that really matter? I currently have Aji-mirin.

Nhu Le says:

Can I use brown sugar instead of white sugar?

Greg T says:

Andy, this is really a terrific recipe. All the flavors I want in teriyaki, and none of those that I don’t. And so easy. I have a bottle in the kitchen now. I would add that I appreciate your gentle, humorous, and open demeanor.

Andrew Phipps says:

@adamliaw how do you make your home made Dashi stock?

Bogart says:

@Adam Liaw ….. the mother of a freind (she came from the Philippines) made a Teriyaki sauce with mango chuttney as we were kids. I have no chance to ask her for the recipe anymore, but on which part and how much mango chuttney would you add to give it the twist.

John Pallone says:

Adam, does this need to be stored in the refrigerator?

Zack Wolf says:

100 people screwed up this very simple sauce. Making this tonight!!!

Desiree Duran says:

Love your videos !

Bé Em says:

New subbie here. May I ask where you got the bottle and if you can please send the link? Thank you!

jodahm says:

Great recipe Adam, it is so easy to make and the chicken with it is just dinamite. I made it with coconut sugar to change and it is AWESOME, thank you for sharing +10

Escobar Furious Sr. says:

What would the measurement equivalency be if I wanted to sub the sugar for honey?

Jason Lim says:

You mean the japanese soy sauce? Or the chinese soy sauce?

Amiruddin Arif says:

is there any alternative for mirin and sake? my family dont drink and im trying to avoid the use of alcohol in cooking

F. Ball says:

nasty camera work

Follow Media says:

what I usually do is leave the soy sauce out while the other ingredients are in the pot on the heat so I can easily see when all the sugar is done dissolving. then i add the soy sauce at the end …

Derrick Gordon says:

I love teriyaki chicken and this sauce is amazingly simple, thank you. But what is the selfliife of this sauce? I would like to make some in advance and keep on hand. I look forward to seeing all you have to share with us.

Mintay Ayy says:

Woah that herb market looked so beautiful!!

Andrew Tolentino says:

chef, you can put also grilled onion leeks, onion, ginger sometimes bones of chicken if your using it in tori teriyaki.. but can do without chicken bones if you consider it as a universal ingredient in your dish. thank you, chef, I learn a lot from you!

yong yiphan says:

where should i store the teriyaki sauce, in my fridge or will putting it in a cabinet be fine.

Graeme Stevens says:

What watch is he wearing today? Ah yes, the Panerai.

Alexandre Larocque says:

If this is authentic teriyaki sauce, would the recipe i found and used that didnt not include mirin or sake and used a thickening agent be considered the American teriyaki sauce that i heard about?

Dawn Reine says:

Any good soy sauce or a japanese soy sauce?:)

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