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*New* Tamagoyaki recipe video. Don’t have Tamagoyaki pan? No problem! We’ll show you how to make Tamagoyaki (rolled omelette) with a regular round flying pan too! Great for Bento lunch or breakfast!
Full recipe here: http://www.japanesecooking101.com/tamagoyaki-recipe/
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RmAnami says:

When did the japanese start eating eggs?

a long たまご
*ba dum tsh*

LadyMiyu says:

I make this quite often just without the mirin

LittleCheens says:

definitely trying this!

Open Eye says:


Gabriel tfamisupposedtowrite says:

just did this and felt great with coffee and crispy toast

Zesty Dill Pickle says:


Clever piggy says:

Reupload? Love it. Want one of those pans!

TheCrunchyCow says:

Made this this morning!!

oo oo says:

What is the size of round pan to make this? Must be non sticky pan? How about stainlesd steel?

Erin Jones says:

Thank you!

luticia says:

Haven’t you shown us this recipe once before?? Anyways, I cook Tamagoyaki once to four times a week 😀 I just love it. Also combined with nori.

Iulia Das says:

thank you for another great recipe!

Dwayne Wladyka says:

That sure looks good.

Юра Шершень says:

Japanese Cooking 101, I want to forgive you to add subtitles, since not everyone perfectly knows the English language.
Same way it can expand the audience.

panda - san says:

I made a Japanese cake one time with your recipe. It was delicious. I love this channel!

Leo B says:

Lock yummy I love japanese food thanks

caramonfire says:

It seems obvious now that you’ve showed me but I never considered making it in a round pan! I never made tamagoyaki before because I didn’t want to buy a square one. I’m going to go downstairs right now and try to make some!

theartbook35 says:

I definitely prefer using a tamagoyaki nabe, and I roll from the top of the pan, because mine has the curve.

Michele miezulnopții says:

what would you suggest for those who can not get Mirin?

rachmat atma says:

what if i don’t have mirin

Crystal McNair says:

For a slight umami kick, I add some powdered dashi to my eggs before cooking them. The best part about making tamago in a round frying pan, is that you can trim off the edges and eat them, then worry about presentation. XD A little taste-test for the chef!

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