Tamagoyaki (pan fried rolled egg) Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

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It’s easier to make than you think. This video will show you how to make Tamagoyaki, Japanese rolled omelet.
The recipe by Noriko & Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 (http://www.japanesecooking101.com) We only use ingredients you can easily find!


The Bystander says:

Gonna start practice making this for my future son/daughter.

Himanshu Patel says:

your English is not good

Hawa Chan says:

I always make this even though I dont have square pan

aegisofhonor says:

I think my problem is I never use enough egg, I think I’ll go with 4 eggs and try it exactly like they are doing it.

humorous cameraaa says:

I tried this and it came out wonderfully! Thank you for creating such an easy and universal recipe! <3

Chase Tsai says:

Can somebody tell me what is the name of background music?

Kate Reid says:

my tamagoyaki keeps sticking to my pan! Help how do I stop it doing that?
I’m using a non-stick frypan (don’t have a tamagoyaki pan yet).

Ren Mtz says:

oh my god!! my korean friend (who knows a lot about asian cultures) made this one night with some fried rice and vegetables! I just randomly started craving this right now and i need to make it xO 

Amit Shrestha says:

It seems really delicious, but what is soy sauce called in Japan?

McDucky says:

I use to lift the roll when pouring in more egg so that it sticks together better

LazyLozar says:

This made me come to the realisation of Tamagotchi.. I get it now..

Sonya Sever says:

Wanna do health food? Don’t use sugar and salt ^^ that’s tasty :3 after week u will adjust!

Heath Sampey says:

my wife is Japanese. and her name is Noriko. we live in Louisiana.

khylla de leon says:

soy sauce is salty

爺诗 says:

Oishi? Watashimo tabete! Watashiwa ngihonngin janai~ I will try this at hkme and I love Japanese cooking. Thanks! Arigatogozaimatsu!^_^

Nutcharee Kittiwutthiak says:


Sebby Style says:

what do you do if you only have round pans?

Lulwa Alkuwari says:

i belive it taste same as normal egg :’)

Cavys Homes says:

My first attempt was horrible. It tasted good but… i didn’t roll it right and it looked like a mashup of eggs aha.

Geezer tataa says:

I have practised tamagoyaki around 10 times or so now. And it’s quite hard to finde the right temperature.

JR Lenard says:

My wife and I love tamagoyaki, it is so good.

MsWieke says:

Question : is the soy sauce sweet or salty?
because in my country there are 2 types of soy sauce 🙁

Swan Arima says:

i burnt mines….i must try again also thank for this

Hailee Bear says:

I followed this recipe exactly and had to use a small round pan like suggested because I do not own a tamagoyaki pan, it turned out delicious! Thank you for the great recipe

QZahmis says:

This looks yummy…. great for Bento

Samantha Montes de Oca says:

+Claudia Acosta  HAZ ESTO!

Bob says:

“Notice how big the log is!”
I’m not fully mature yet =D

Lassie Sandiego says:

I hate, hate, hate egg but this might make it taste good. Gonna try this after watching it

Whoever Whoever says:

I’m thirteen years old and making this. My sister makes me tamagoyaki for my lunch every now and then.

Magic☆Hospital! CM Studios says:

I’m using olive oil instead of vegetable oil but I have trouble having the eggs stick. I’m also using a round pan to make these. Is it important to use vegetable oil?

Rachel Reese says:

This was great! Even though I used a meatloaf pan and sugar instead of mirin, it was still fantastic. Makes me want to get out of bed in the morning. Thanks Japanese Cooking 101!

Mr マックラ says:

Ah I prefer chopsticks too, they allow you to pinch and grab the egg while rolling and give more control than a spatula

Josue Andree Ramirez Hernandez says:

I love your videos! Japanese food is so simple to make.
Today I made your Japanese short cake and tamagoyaki for breakfast! You can check the pictures in my Instagram @lockharth !
They both were delicious thank you!

Matthew D says:

amazing, thank you.

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