Takoyaki-Japanese Octopus Balls (RECIPE) たこ焼きを家で作ってみたい!

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4 cups all purpose flour
5 eggs
7.5 cups iced water
1 tsp salt
3 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp dashi powder
1 pound octopus
2 cups ten-kasu
1 cup green onion
4 tbsp dried shrimp
1/3 cup picled ginger
bonito flakes
dried seeweed
otafuku sauce

Please watch the video as it’s way easier to understand than to explain through words. Thanks 🙂

Takoyaki Maker http://goo.gl/GNcJME
Aonori( dried seaweed ) http://goo.gl/SpEXLL
Tenkasu ( deep fried batter ) http://goo.gl/KynGfx
Dashi ( powdered soup stock ) http://goo.gl/KXRn9e
Otafuku Sauce http://goo.gl/FifDIA
Tonkatsu Sauce http://goo.gl/wjQmDO

MORE JAPANESE RECIPES http://goo.gl/nkBWtr
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レシピ たこ焼き

<材料>(約80個 7~8人分)
・薄力粉  500g(篩っておく)
・卵 5個 
・氷水 1.8リットル
・塩 小さじ1
・しょうゆ 小さじ3
・顆粒だし 小さじ2

・たこ 300~500g
・天かす 2.5カップ
・青ねぎ 1.5カップ(小口切)
・桜海老 大さじ4
・紅しょうが 大さじ 1/2カップ





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Carlyn Lauder says:

i purchased a takoyaki pan years ago but never had a tutorial on how to make takoyaki!! Now, I’m going to make them.  Thank you!!!!!

Koji Shine says:


Bianca Jones says:

I have a question, I know it’s kinda random but I’m going to try!
what exactly is the dashi powder(sorry if I spelled it wrong) I have a fish allergy (but can eat tuna and shellfish) do you think I’m safe eating something with dashi powder in it?

Linh Ha says:

My takoyaki balls didnt hold it shapes just after a few minute out of the pan. Please help

Midori Hanako says:

Please help when I make this how come it’s not gooey and creamy in the inside? Mine is a electric takoyaki maker

Theresa Chong says:

Thank you.=)

necrogenesis1981 says:

Takoyaki is my favorite appetizer at sushi restaurants, so I’d love to try this. It’s hard to find octopus in grocery stores around here though. I’m sure I could find canned octopus, but since that’s already cooked I run the risk of ruining the texture.

Daniel Thom says:

“Wow! With one mouth!” LOL

gardengalsu says:

When I went to Japan, I never got a chance to eat takoyaki! Everywhere we went, it was either ‘just’ started cooking or sold out! At least now I’ll get to try it. Thanks a lot!

c c says:

Great… now I’m hungry

Aaliyah Masters says:

So good

A Gentle says:

What temperature do you get the Takoyaki pan to before you start adding things? I can never get it right and burn or under cook them ha ha ha.

meianoitee01 says:

isn’t takoyaki kona better than common flavor?

Elizabeth Went says:

Hello TabiEats! I had a quick question for you. In my area I can’t find boiled octopus, only uncooked, cut up and frozen octopus. Do you have a rough idea of how long it should be boiled? Should it be boiled in a stock? I love your videos and can never get enough! Also, I loved your pizza ball recipe and hope to see you experiment more with your Takoyaki maker. Thanks for your hard work guys!

Mew Tje says:

I wish there was boiled octopus available here…. T-T

asrsi says:

This looks so good! I’m hungry… 😀

Ken Johnson says:

You guys are awesome! I love every video.

AlmightyStarfire says:

I honestly thought mayonnaise wouldn’t exist in Japan

Ramen Monster says:

What an amazing recipe!! I really want to get that takoyaki maker for myself <3

Sharon Parker says:

Hi is the octopus cooked or raw?

Jacq's Munchies says:

oh my god i love this recipe!! thank you so much for sharing!

Susie LaLonde says:

It looks so delightful. I have never ate octopus but I have tried many other types of seafood and have always liked it all. Lobster and clam, every type of fish as well. These look very delicious, I wish they made them here where I live. They look very tedious to make but it looks well worth it in the end.

Lim Shang Yi says:

i cant find benishoga in my country :c

Léo Fortin says:

nice video / but the recipe is so complex with the puffed rice and chives… i have been in osaka and it seemed a bit more simpler / easier to make – continue tour good work ! – bye – leo

Corinn Heathers says:

you lost me at mayonnaise

808foodlover says:

I’d love to see your take on Nikujaga 🙂 Mahalos!!!

brij polish says:

Can I use cake flour?

zzz zzz says:

I love takoyaki! growing up i used to call these samurai balls. looking back i cringe at how inappropriate that sounds hahahha

Sue Baker says:

Bought my Takoyaki maker from Hiroshima! Can’t wait to get it and try this recipe! But, now the sauce…hmmm…

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel says:

I’m hungry now. looks very delicious

Annabelle Lecter says:

Wait those are itsy bitsy shrimp ?Just making sure!

1 FKT says:

Can this be made with rice flour?

barbj672000 says:

I have watched this video… and then watched it again…. I think the problem that I have is that my cast iron skillet is brand new and maybe that’s why its sticking…. Please do make a Takoyaki tutorial in real time so that I (and Im hoping its not just me) can get all of the details to recipe. 🙂

ゴン太 says:

今 旦那が出張中で一人ぼっちだけど、今日の夜はタコパーしちゃおっと(笑)(:3)彡

tracey martin says:

it this a dim sum item or appertizer I would love to try it I live in NYC need to know what Resturant might have it

raydom78 says:

yum yum… great recepi!!

Tania says:

that looked awesome but now I am bummed cause I can’t have shellfish.

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