Strawberry Shortcake Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Japanese strawberry shortcake. Learn how to assemble and decorate a cake with whipped cream frosting.
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srlkngl says:

thank you!

Van Nhi Vo says:

i don’t have the grand marnier so what can i use instead?

Heart Alexa Samia says:

Is heavy whipping cream a whipping cream are they the same?

plumeria66 says:

Japanese make tastier Western food than Americans. I’ve eaten Japanese-made breads, desserts, cakes, spaghetti, steak, salads, you name it. They are superior to anything I’ve eaten in America. Been everywhere and I can say food in America is the worst. Crude and bad.

LadyRainyCorn says:

i fail hard :’)

Aparecida estani says:

Incrível!!! Amei esta receita !!!!

Cotton Candy says:

Do we rly need to use Grand Marnier?

grumblebun says:

omg this looks so yummy!

Naomi Ballard says:

Good video. When I was little, i.e 1-6, I used to have this cake for my birthday because my Mum would make it for me. Also whenever I go to Japan and the day is a special occasion, I get to have this cake. Now I can make it. Thank you

Lucy Huynh says:

do you have to use peaches for the cake? Just wondering

claralunalove says:

Hi, can how can i make a non alocholic syrup for the cake? any recipe measurements?

Ruby Francisco says:

Is this the size you have done in your Spong cake?

Florinda J says:

can I use somthing else other than the Marnier? any good suggestions???

Corb4n says:

looks delicious… thx for the video
greetings from germany : )

Amie Helmy says:


KittyMizuki says:

so lovely! I’ve always wanted to make a strawberry shortcake!

Skai Chann says:

Ah, yes! So much fun yelling at the cake when you mess up! ^-^ Even more fun when you do it right! 😉 I never do it right xD

Heng Kang Chen says:

Hi, may i know why does my cake taste so dry ? I follow the exact amount of ingredient in the recipe. Thanks !

BBAO X says:

if you bake the sponge cake a day ahead before frosting it, do you leave it in the fridge the night before or does it have to be room temperature to frost it?

ImmaSheKitty says:

This makes me want to become a baker lol

Angela Thomas says:


ashley salacup says:

What is grand mariner?

Marcia Bernard says:

Beautiful well done and very easy to follow. Thank you

Vee eee says:

HELLOO thank u so much for this recipe it has never failed. Please could you help me.. my mum doesn’t want a birthday cake so I convinced to have the cupcakes with frosting on, could you possibly help me with a recipe for big lovely cupcakes with lovely frosting❤️

moofushu says:

Omg you guys are evil!

Sung Yeon says:

I just made this but the cake turned out a little too small to be slices into 2 parts but i sliced it anyways

Genalie Rance says:

Hi, is there any substitute for Grand Marnier??? I’m in Cebu City , Philippines. Thanks.

Reshma Vemula says:

Is it necessary to add liqueur? I don have any of them. I would like to know the significance of adding it.

Esth Games says:

i got a cake like this for my birthday and it just had more curly at the strawberries connected

John Bitter says:

Nice , looks great , this is one of my favorite cakes

shini2007 says:

Everything goes fine for me till I try to ice the cake lol

Kelyn Ang says:

how long can u keep this cake for if it’s refrigerated?

Cotton Candy says:

Because I don’t know where do find it. And I rly wan to make it!!

Nan Doit says:

thnx its looks yummy! good jb

Yoel Akiva says:

The cake looks so good!
Also if you aren’t going to bake anything, it’s really fun to look at you baking!
I think you’re really talented and i’m looking forward to the next video ❤️

Laila Berbih says:

imm deleciose yami so nice i like it and i will prepare it

Marloes Oosterhoff says:

Looks amazing!! Greetings from the Netherlands!

Florinda J says:

can I use honey in place of the Marnier

Frontier Brain Anabel says:

Erza would be pleased.

Thuy Vu says:

Can i don’t use peach but cherry instead

skid0101 says:

very good thanks I did try it was so easy to make thanks again show me more i still waiting bye t


what is the cream?
please say mi?

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