Steamed Rice Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

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This video will show you how to make Steamed Rice, Japanese “main dish.” If you don’t have a rice cooker, watch this video!
The recipe by Noriko & Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 ( We only use ingredients you can easily find!


Craig Steuart says:

NOT STEAMED RICE. Boiled just like other rice..

SeraphCircle says:

Wow, people really do think they know it all, huh? It’s called steamed rice because the boils but what really cooks the rice is the last 10 minutes in which the lid is closed and the rice is cooking on the steam.
Also, yes, no oil and salt. You can season it later if you do feel like!
There are many different readymade rice seasonings in japan, such as the Furikake for instance. Go google it. It’s delicious.

claralunalove says:

Hi, i have a small donabe that i bought from Daiso. Can i cook the rice using it?

mockingbird Adnane says:

this is boilded rice

Memento mori says:


Monsterhunter Nathan ultimate says:

Most of your videos are very helpful and simple. But sometimes my parents won’t have the ingredients for it and no time. Also nice music!!

Win MrSprinklz says:

it isnt boiled rice, it uses a different rice and the reason u need to let it sit for 10 mins is because u need to let it steam a little more.

Alisa Licht says:

you don’t have to add salt ?

That Random Guyーさん says:

Can anyone clarify this?

Is this method actually “steaming” the rice or is it boiling the rice?

I’m kind of confused on what to call it at this point.

klovershows says:

Each grain of rice should be seperate… they put too much water.

Raymond Chavez says:

who is voice? she sounds like a nice lady

ChickenNugget says:

Can you flavor the rice? Like add chicken broth or beef broth? Or add salt?

Lui -Chan says:

My mom hasn’t cook dinner yet and I’m watching a food video, this makes my mouth water a lot XD

Kaysee Lauss says:

Did it say 15 or 50 minutes?

clubbing baby seals says:

is this the same rice you use for sushi?

Erasmia Karagianni says:

Hey guys, do you have some stuck rice on the bottom of the pot in the end, too?
The recipe is perfect but I always toss a little amount when finished cooking it.

Salma Om says:

How to make Makame wa maya I

residentevilfreak500 says:

Is it really that easy to make ? It’s easier than the way Americans make it lol

xKrystel xRoman says:

No oil and no salt?

Charles Newhouse says:

Calrose Medium grain.
Wash & rinse x2, soak in water 30 min
Cook 1 cup washed rice: 1 1/2 cup h2o
No lid until boiling w/heat on high, stir, cover when water begins to boil, reduce to low heat cook 15 min, then remove from heat and let stand 10 min. Fluff with spatula

Kessy Mar says:

Can I use basmati rice to make onigiri?

Ballet LoversTV says:

I was able to find “sushi rice” which is just a short grain rice, I think. Anywho, I was used to calrose so I almost thought I cooked it wrong haha

Humberto Sanchez says:


Ilkem Akyuz says:

can i use turkisch rice?

the weeb amycat says:

Can you make Onigiri with this recipe?

Gladys Balbuena says:

Can i use the Jasmine Rice?

Sub News says:

i live in germany sooooo ^^ can i use sushi rice too ???

Ron Richo says:

That DOES look good.

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