Sponge Cake Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Japanese style sponge cake.
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Ericat says:


My Little Animations says:

20g butter
1 Tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla
You welcome

Ide Marn says:

can i use pancake flour?

snake says:

i have followed this recipe with mathematical precision, and yet, it ends up like a flat rubbery cake,i have even tried different brands of cake flour, and have come to the conslusion that something is missing , there has to be soda bicarbonate and baking powder that needs to be added to the mix.

Cristina Rosas says:

Alguien podría traducirme al español esta receta ?

lai so tung says:

what about 6 inch pan? Anyone have experience?

Hsien Hp says:

how much cocoa powder should i add, if i would like to make it a chocolate flavour?

Asia Ali says:

it is a very nice cake thank you ***

Hsien Hp says:

Bake this cake with upper or lower heat ?or both?

Kiran Hari Pradhan says:

Do you need the cake flour or could it be just flour??

what what says:

u forgot vanilla extract

Waslek Lang says:

how many minutes do we whisk it in the mixer?

Ricky Garcia says:

do you have recipe for half sheet cake

farah,s kitchen says:

pleeèeeeeeeeeeease tell me that i can use maida instead of cake flour its for my moms birthday its on 7 october

Jen Lynn says:

Is the butter salted or unsalted

keon zoe says:


Kuldeep Juseal Singh says:

Please can u help to make chocolate Japanese cake

Jessica Guillergan says:

Hi Noriko, I used a an 8″ pan. Seemed like the cake was not as high as supposed to be when using a 7″ pan. How much more (ingredients) should I add to make it at the right volume when using an 8″ pan.

Paul Agu says:

Such a detailed, yet simple video!! Thanks

Andy Andy says:

I got up early this morning to bake this for my birthday later this week. Two of my cats were inside and everything went fine. The cake came out beautiful and I left it to cool on the stove… alone. Poor cake got munched on by one of my cats! The great thing was that I wasn’t even angry or upset! I just noted the crater in the cake and that the only thing to do was to make a second one, that instance! It came out perfect too, and this time I found a safer place for it. Tomorrow I’ll dress it up, using fresh fruit from the garden. I also have a whole cake to snack on all for myself!

Antonia Griffin says:

cake reminds me of my mothers. looks delicious

Yondo says:

is this cake edible for fellow reptilians such as myself i’d really like to know thank you so much… hisss hisssss

dvsteady says:

For the love of god, if you need this recipe in tablespoons or cups, GOOGLE IT!!! Don’t waste your time typing it up here. So many idiots out there! Lol. And if you want to take baking seriously, you’ll buy a home scale so you can get precise measurements. Lastly, the whole point of Japanese cakes is that they don’t use leavening agents like baking powder. Instead, the whipped eggs help the cake to rise. If you are here to bake THIS cake, you will follow the instructions exactly.

عطر الرند says:

اريد المقادير باللغه العربيه

JuwariyahIqra says:

Perfect recipe. can you make a tutorial on chocolate sponge cake?

Meriem Happy says:

No backing powder ?

Irma H says:

Hi. Thank you so much for this recipe. I tried to make them. and they are very good, light and fluffy. not heavy like the western friend. the only thing I messed up is the whipping cream. They did not form I think I frost them to fast, while the cake is still lukewarm. will definitely try your other recipe.

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