Shumai Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Shumai, steamed pork dumplings. They can be wonderful in your lunch box and also as a tasty main dish for dinner.
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Raymond Syling says:

how come my shumai has a strong pork smell like urine?

Kitsanapon Pitaratae says:

I don’t have shumai wrappers i can use gyoza wrappers?

goshadowkenny says:

Hi Noriko and Yuko. When I was in Osaka my friend brought me to try a local delicacy, but wanted to keep it a surprise. Osaka was famous for it, he said. I was very excited to find out what it was.

Turned out to be a steamed chicken bun … Which is very common in Chinese cuisine and I could not taste the difference! I was surprised still though, that it had been accepted into Japanese cuisine.

Just like shumai!

Crystal Yuki says:

This is great awesome~!

Max Tull says:

Can I also add shrimp to this too! 🙂

littlewing62 says:

hey guys. great video. i only found gyoza wrappers here where i live, do you think it’s ok for me to use it for shumai? thanks much

Mauricio Cardd says:

How 10 minutes steam can cook pork completely?

Cristina Salgado says:

Konnichiwa Japanese cooking 101… I just want to say Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu, for taking your time to show us how to make delicious food. Well I also wanted to ask if is possible you can show how you make takoyaki. Oh yeah almost forgot… what else can you accompany with the shumai? (≧∇≦)

Claudia S. says:

What is the dough of the shumai made of?

starlyn ragland says:

Make miso soup

Still Alive says:

I want to ask,the shikye we can replace it with what?please ans:)

Theresa Lu says:

What if we don’t have cornstarch or sake >.

miyubail says:

I love shumai more than Gyoza. I always thought they are hard to make but this vid showed the process very easy. Thanks for posting. Arigatou ne—-

Celosia Prisco-Ganaha says:

My old Elementary school had these for lunches! I remember how good they tasted!

Karin Yasui says:

Shumai is not hard to prepare at all. My dad taught me and my mother and we caught on pretty fast.

PutriJoyce O'Hare says:

Can I use fresh Shiitakes instead of dried ones?? I only have fresh ones, and don’t feel like buying the dried ones.

msc D-A says:

Thank you ladies. I follow a gluten free diet so 自分で生地を作らないと。Could you let me know in cm just what size I should cut these please. Love your site, my husband is so excited about giving some of them a try.

Raksha 2509 says:

your introductions are way way too long and boring…

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