Shrimp Recipes – Japanese Style Deep Fried Shrimp

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In this video, we’ll show you a super easy technique for getting fried shrimp extra crispy and delicious. We first season the shrimp with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. The shrimp is then coated with flour, paprika and beaten eggs. Finally, for the extra crunchy texture, we dip each shrimp in panko crumbs. Serve the fried shrimp for a quick party appetizer or add to salads and pasta dishes.

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Vu Nguyen Uyen Truong says:


73V3NTW12 says:

Paprika? I think in Japan they use Black and some Cayenne Pepper.

Alexie Del Rosario says:


Joao Paulo says:

The japanese style its made with a tempura batter

GaMeZaHoY says:


Alejandro Gutierrez says:


amaikoucha says:

Thanks for rather Chinese-like back ground music and recipe that is not even “Japanese style”. It looks yummy tho.

abdulrahman saleh says:

i like japanese food,yummy

Heghineh Cooking Show says:

Not sure about Japanese style but that’s a really yummy looking shrimp , will give this a try

magicmarkers25 says:

Just cause they use panko, doesnt make it Japanese.

Sami J says:

is there a recipe for the sauce?

YeorimGeolOh says:

It’s more toward America style

Eva Barri says:

what is that jap tune i love it…and the shrimp

Vema Price says:

Looks good!

Alexie Del Rosario says:

I substitute the panko over bread crumbs

twinslotaddicts says:

Can’t wait to make these!!!

bob joe says:

this isnt Japanese style

モンゴメリアンサスケ says:

Is not Japanese!!don’t use sweetchili sauce!!!!!!!!

yutaro5296 says:

Japanese fried shrimp are best served with Tartar sauce!

Luis000024 says:

What is that sauce they dip it in??? 😮

roxanneworld11 says:

yum!!..who are the crazy 6 who gave this a thumbs down?? they are not mature enough to understand that few to no recipes are actually, truly original?? even when i give a critique i never forget that fact..just smh.

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