Shoku Pan Recipe Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Shoku Pan (Shokupan), a Japanese square loaf bread.
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Lai Meng says:

Make this bread today
Came out good, nice and tSty

rachmat atma says:

what is the difference between shoku pan and a normal bread?

Baking W Jenny says:

I don’t have that bread pan, could I just use one without the lid?

Fushikawa says:

Where do you get that pan, it is bigger than most pans I found with lids.

Clark Wang says:

it looks really good, but when you let it rise for about an hour after kneading, should i put it in the refrigerator to let it rise with plastic wrap or i can leave it out at room temperature?

Someone says:

Definately gonna try this next weekend

rachellovecat says:

what is dried milk? is it normal milk powder?

TheCrunchyCow says:

I was looking up a recipe for this just the other day! I love your videos.

Mendo Cath says:

Would the amount of dough created here be too much for a standard “Pullman loaf” pan?

Giovana Amendola says:

Looks delicious!

Natsu Nekomimi says:

Do you have to use a pan with a lid? I have a similar pan but no lid ):

berenice raffaelli says:

1:31 and 1:43 Did you say 78 minutes or is it 7 “to” 8 minutes?

Lorraine Lee says:

what is a dried milk? any specific brand?

Lolobree says:

Is the dried milk necessary?

spicylips x says:

wow! oishiisou!

Garret Carson says:

Where can I buy a lidded loaf pan?

rainsoakedpuppy says:

Would this recipe work in a suitably-sized bread machine? Are there any alterations that might be suggested if so?

Weeping Angel says:

That loaf bread looks perfect and pretty!

Jade Leung says:

hi do I have to use dry milk powder? Can I just use normal liquid milk? thanks

inco gnito says:

Excellent Recipe. Thank you !

Yummy Yummy - Asian Khmer Foods says:

Wow looking yummy food I Liked and Subscribed your video channel 🙂

Healthy Recipe Channel says:

Kinda looks like Pond Cake a bit. Thank you for Sharing.

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