SAVORY EGG CUSTARD (Tamago Tofu) Japanese Recipe

This delicate Japanese dish is steamed, chilled and served with a savory dashi sauce.

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Soy sauce
Instant Dashi Powder

(egg custard)
1 cup water
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp mirin
1/2 tsp instant dashi powder
pinch of salt
3 large eggs

1/4 cup water
2 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp mirin
1/8 tsp instant dashi
pinch of salt

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Seattle Sheikah says:

I love Midnight Diner! I’m so glad you guys found it! Thank you for this recipe, as it is one I have really been wanting to try!

Violet M says:

Looks so good!

Josephine k says:

Omg ! It looks so yum. Thanks sharing

astroboy3507 says:

Like tofu so healthy!!!

Yoshiko Yeto says:

Midnight Diner is a wonderful show. I love how each episode focuses on a particular character and dish. I’ll have to make the sautéed yamaimo from one of the episodes. Thanks for the tamago tofu recipe and hope you’re having a good time on your trip.

Priscilla Jø says:

I love Midnight Diner! I read the original manga which I highly recommend too.

Francisca Ugalde says:

We loved Midnight Dinner too! It reminded us so much to our trip to Japan!!! I love Japanese and Korean shows are starting to get more mainstream here in the west 🙂

Kastiel Tyler says:

there is a Spanish dish called flan like this but its sweet and usually topped with a caramel like sauce..

katluver09 says:

Hey I’ve been away for a little bit… shinichi is looking pretty good! he lost a little weight and gained a bit of muscle!! nice keep It up…

Carlyn Lauder says:

I tried this recipe yesterday, and followed your instructions to the letter….but, the finished product had a different consistency.  It was spongy and not smooth….it tasted good, but didn’t look like custard, but more like an omelet.  Do you think my heat was too high?

Spice To Meat Chew says:

In Singapore, we have this chinese dish call “steamed eggs” which is very similar to this. It’s my fav and I always eat it together with rice, veg and sweet&sour pork (mixed rice stall).

Bird Duddo says:

It’s healthy, easy, and yummy X3

Deanna 808 says:

Midnight Diner is great! (there’s also a Korean version of this show)

cupcakelikes says:

Can you make a video for chawanmushi please?

Jen Foronda says:

Make a Midnight Diner series please!!!

Platypi007 says:

That steamer looks almost identical to what I use here in America, except the one I have the bottom is the same as the sides of yours. I think I like yours better!

Deon Ragsdale says:

have you been mask lsland if haven’t would yo?!?!?

twocupsoftee says:

Love love love you two!!

chocopandan says:

Can you make the sautéed nagaimo-yam and omurice? So glad you are inspired by midnight diner because i love that show! Thank you! Love this channel!

Rafaela Sariego says:

Steamers in Costa Rica and in Chile are exactly the same as yours in Japan! By the way, the dish looked so good.

singjai108 says:

Is instant dashi still made with MSG?

Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

We use bamboo steamer 😀

ユリ熊嵐 says:


UlisesGirl says:

Shinichi, I like your haircut!

Libni Acevedo says:

I love the show midnight diner. Great vid guys

The Big Game Theory says:

Chef Hiro’s was even more awesome.

nachas peludas says:

ddddduuuuuuudddddddeeeeesssss i love you i have been looking for this ever since i saw it on midnight diner lol thanks!!!!!!!

Amy Chou says:

Love Midnight Diner!!
I usually wrap a clean tea towel around the lid completely, to prevent droplets of water

qshaun507 says:

Try watching Kodoku no Gourmet (Solitary Gourmet) too! It features local shops in Japan that you can visit by yourself if you want at the end of the show and the food looks really good.

Isaac P says:

@TabiEats Check out Japanese Style Originator on Netflix. Offers rich insight in Japan’s culture and presents amazingly endless side dishes! やって見て見ましょう!

Bunnime Love says:

This looks so good! I can’t wait to make it! Side note: Do you guys have an Instagram out of curiosity? Also Samurai Gourmet on Netflix is fantasic, I highly recomend it the charaters are so dynamic and it’s very heartwarming with tons of great food!

Lisa Rogers says:

Oooh I love that show! I binge watched it in like a day. The egg custard seemed really interesting. I thought the fish sausage in batter sounded nice as well from the show.

tea t says:

wow love the custard! i love watching “Midnight Diner” too!

Ellen Brennan says:

I watched all the episodes of “Midnight Diner” earlier this year. I really enjoyed it.

Jessi Moths says:

I love Midnight Diner! Yummmm.

Kaoru Fujima says:

I tried to make these and served it with your recipe of レモンチキン and what can I say? Well, haven’t had the chance to say much coz we just devoured our lunch. (Too bad my 卵豆腐 wasn’t served in perfect square, kinda got too excited when I scooped it out using my spatula. My bad so I plan to do it again. The recipe you provided is sooooo excellent! I just followed everything you said and it gave me a very smooth, silky and almost melt-in-the-mouth 卵豆腐. It’s seasoned lightly yet so flavorful with umami. 完璧だ!

Giggles says:

For steaming, sometimes I microwave, sometimes I use a Gordon Ramsay steamer pan. It looks like a double boiler, but the top chamber has holes on the bottom surface of it.

I’ve never heard of Midnight Diner, gonna hafta give it a go. 🙂

Donna Mikasa says:

Your friend Nami from JOC has been preparing dishes from “Midnight Diner”. So happy to see the Egg Tofu dish here. Thank you!

JohannaEG says:

How did you keep condensation from hitting the top of it while it cooled in the fridge?

Jean Ham says:

oh i loved midnight diner tokyo stories 🙂 thanks for doing this recipie cant wait to try make it

Teresa Jenkins says:

OMG I love the show “Midnight Dinner” here in states we only got on season…I always wondered if there was more than one season.

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