Salmon Nitsuke fish recipe – Japanese cooking 鮭の煮付けの作り方レシピ

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This is the most common and traditional way of cooking fish in Japan. It goes very well with white rice or sake. 鮭の煮付けレシピです。より美味しくするために水を使わずに酒を倍使ってます。勿論他の魚でもどうぞ。

Substitute for Sake = White Wine
Substitute for Mirin = White Wine + honey or sugar (mirin is very sweet like candy)
Non-Alcoholic substitute for sake or mirin = apple jusice.

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adiloz12 says:

Since I’m not able to use “alcohol” do I just increase the apple juice for the sake and the Marin or apple juice and honey?

Aurora Henderson says:

@ezjapanesecooking I’ll clean it, if you cook!! 😀

Pimpmastahanhduece says:

I would put a little sesame oil into the initial sake mix before i add the salmon. still, really simple and cheap ass ingredients.

화랑 says:

Onizuka your a teacher shouldn’t u know that? He put the amounts 2:1:1

2 Sake 1 Soy sauce 1 Mirin . Meaning lets say u use a1/4 cup it means u use 2 x1/4 cups sake 1x 1/4 cup soy sauce and 1x 1/4 cup mirin

AideTsukino says:

This looks sooo simple, and yet pretty delicious 😮 i wanna try it already 😉

Joe Mirasol Picaso says:

thanks for uploading.. im really looking forward to prepare this.. 🙂

xArchangelSGE says:

That is one nice piece of salmon. Man.

sifu ly says:

very very tasty! thank you very very very much!

K Kking says:

i love this thing next day refrigerated cold.

icannotread says:

man i used to made this aallll the time after watching your video. thank you!

Eliot Groove says:

you just changed my world.

William Riley-Land says:

These videos are all great. I like that you focus on simple dishes as well as more fancy ones.

ezjapanesecooking says:

I don’t use timer to know when it’s cooked. Smell and look is the indicator of if it’s cooked well.

ezjapanesecooking says:

Not at all. It was cooked to perfection. You don’t want medium-rare for this.

MAX KAWS says:

Why dont you just eat it raw? Simpler and tastier.

Jason Young says:

I just subscribed, good stuff.

ezjapanesecooking says:

Not all salmon pieces are sashimi fresh. I love salmon sashimi too.

unhearddof says:

@ezjapanesecooking what are some of the tastiest marinades for fish? How much of a difference in taste if you marinade in sake before cooking? Or is it the same? What is the cooking time in correlation to thickness of the fish? In addition to ike jime what else is involved in the process for fish to be sushi grade in Japan?



ezjapanesecooking says:

I love salmon sashimi/sushi too. You either eat fresh salmon completely raw, or for this recipe, it’s much better to cook salmon well rather than partially raw. Japanese favorite salt broiled salmon is completely well done and salmon is almost hard.

chamcham123 says:

Salmon is called “sake” (pronounced “sah-KAY”) in Japanese. So they’re literally adding alcohol (“sake”) to salmon (also called “sake”)!

ezjapanesecooking says:

You can marinate in sake/miso/mirin/sugar mix. Google “black cod miso” made famous by Nobu restaurant.

ezjapanesecooking says:

We use drop lid to efficiently cook it. This is not a beef stew. Fish cooks pretty fast.

Evonne Chin says:

Can I steam instead of boiling over the stove?

Mr. kL says:

where can we find sake in america?

vanillacarnivore says:

I cooked this today. I didn’t have sake or mirin :/ , so I used tequila and agave nectar. I know I twisted the recipe :s but OMG, this came up super delicious. Thank you so much.

Breeding Aquarium Fish says:

Is it just me? Flavour looks amazing, but the cook on the fish looks over-done – too much heat which caused ti to splt, but I bet it tasted amazing. Too bad the texture wasn’t there? Am I wrong here?

retardeddude303 says:

AAAh I need to try this

Brando T says:

Can you please tell us the amount of each ingredient you put in? Thanks in advance.

liisavux says:

so many rude comments! grow up, people! this dish looks amazing by the way

ezjapanesecooking says:

You don’t even know what’s good and what’s not good. Bye bye!

lll576 says:

not good

Abigail Cunanan says:

Thank you! Will try this out soon!

tekwiz99 says:

this piece “has” uneven thickness….

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