Saba Shioyaki (grilled mackerel) Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Saba Shioyaki, grilled mackerel. Instead of using a gill, we cooked the fish on a frying pan. Very easy to make at home!

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shibidi says:

That foil is a bad idea, the fish sticks to it and when you try to remove it, small pieces of foil rips off.

John Magee says:

That’s looks Delicious, and for desert Kabocha Pie, with a Whip cream !

Shirley Shapiro says:

hi! i think i tried the sweet version of this.. can you tell me how to make that please? thanks!

vanscoyoc says:

Why didn’t you pull the bones out?

Myspace Tom says:

they are cheap at my grocery store. excellent meal!

Sonja Lee says:

Going to try this tonight!

Sonja Lee says:

Going to try this tonight!

exeuroweenie says:

If saba/mackerel is too fishy for you,this is great using (skin on) salmon fillets.

J. Tee says:

Japanese portions are fit for birds and squirrels. I need to triple it for a meal lol

Ada Repli says:

I always order grilled salted saba at restaurant. DIdn’t know it was this simple.

MsLansones says:

Mmmm, Saba Shioyaki… My favorite…

say 10 says:

I’m only here because of Haru-chan XD

Shaoting Cai says:

Thanks for sharing this simple recipe!

kamjc says:

The foil idea is so interesting. I’m going to try it tmr!

Kuromuto Kirisaki says:

What if I’m using frozen saba instead?

monkeeCnDew says:

I love saba!

bryan Elexander says:

Thank you!

deborah tepe says:

That looks sooo good, I think I know what we’re having for dinner tonight!!

Suhaibu Ahamed says:

i like so much. once i had these fish at wakayama . says:

YUMMY!!! I am the best mackerel fisherman the world has ever seen, but I have never tried this recipe…

I will now!  Try the dare on 13Horror com 

JijiChevalier says:

Can someone tell me if it was okay to put foil on their teflon pan? I just want to make sure that my pan will be unharmed. I can’t wait to try this recipe!

S L says:

You need to oil the fish before you place it on pan or it will stick. The video doesn’t tell you this. The skin came off, and I was very disappointed. Lesson learned.

CrispyLettuce says:

Woo, I did it! That was really easy. Though I may have cooked mine for too long. 😛

Angel Su says:

what type of mackerel is this? Spanish? I was at a fish market today and noticed there are many kinds

Gren Moyo says:

the hard part is finding mackerel in my location lol.

vanscoyoc says:

Are there pinbones in it?

kalieaire says:

man, this is a really great way to destroy the coating on a teflon pan.

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