Rie’s Favorite Japanese Recipes PART 2- Buzzfeed Test #139

the cricket in my basement needs to die

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Isabelle Banta says:

David needs to do another how to cake it vs David

offthesidelines says:

You did fine with the omurice; you could’ve just dumped the rice in a plate and plopped the cooked eggs on it and it would still be considered omurice. Using a mold is just to make it more fancy, the classic/basic version is to just cover your fried rice with an egg omelette. For slicing your meat very thinly try freezing it for a bit first, it’ll be much easier. Also I believe the fried tofu in Rie’s version is different from yours – it actually is deep fried but you can actually buy it ready made (and refrigerated) in many Asian grocery stores. The great thing about that type of fried tofu is that you can freeze it for later and not lose its texture, unlike what you used here. Since it’s deep fried it’s also airier and will absorb flavors even easier/quicker than regular tofu. Tofu is very bland in taste and in Asian cuisines it is used in both savoury and sweet dishes. You can also get it in different textures according to how you’re going to use it. 🙂

DreamDestiny Girl says:

Congratulations you proved yourself you can get a women

orange says:

No one’s saying this but your fried tofu isn’t the same type as the one Rie used (she used what Chinese know as 油豆腐 I believe)… Well, as long as it still tastes good.

Custard Worlds says:

Hey David?


Vesta Teiserskyte says:

I want me some boneless pizza.

Renata Ramos says:

now, timpano! Stop postponing it

ivazie says:

btw! tofu takes on the taste of whatever its cooked with. it tastes pretty horrible on its own

SodaAvenue says:

hi @davidseymour, may i have a suggestion / idea why your omu rice egg broke: too much milk in your eggs?
I noticed when I pan fry omelettes they tend to break easily if i add in too much milk. for 2 eggs i would only use 1 tablespoon of milk. or maybe you shld omit the milk all together to see how it goes. hope this helps!

best wish says:

계란볼이 실패한 이유는 계란만 올렸을 경우 계란 볼의 겉면만 익고 상단 부분은 전혀 익지 않았기 때문이죠. 계속 윗부분을 잡고만 있으면 아래로 닿을 부분은 익지 않은 상태로 액체상태의 계란이 빠져나오기 쉬워지거든요.
your egg bomb failed reason is you made it without vegi mix, and you made it top sealing part didn’t cooked well..ㅜ_ㅜ

Neelabh Agrawal says:


ItsSoLinz says:

I want Rie to bring David to the tasty kitchen to teach him how to make the Omlette.

Grant Ding says:

Still not your fault, but those still aren’t udon noodles

Jungkookie Infires Me says:

Oh my god the donuts look FABULOUS

Anna Lee says:

Can you not get thinly sliced meat where you live? The supermarket where I live sells it thinly sliced which seems easier for these recipes

Daniel Vlog says:

Looks like Nikki, Andrew, Alix, Alexis, Patrick, Alvin and Vaugh need to tell David to do the timpano really.

batmanicole says:

Timpano 🙁

Lolo Qoqo says:


best wish says:

i wanna see your timpano! :3 maybe you can made it more delicious!

bloody0k2g says:

Dear David,
大さじ means tablespoon followed by a number
小さじ means teaspoon followed by a number as well
Hope you get it next time ^^

A Random Blue Corgi says:

I have subscribed to you.
Just for the damn timpano.
You better do it.

Surya Ningrat says:

Why do you ask for the timpano do the 100 layer crepe cake

Daz Centeno says:

Hey david, you should try making those really fluffy japanese pancakes 🙂 they would go well with the theme of your last 2 videos.

Lucky Lex says:

The cricket noise when you were eating the food confused me so badly. I thought I had one in my house.

The Girl With Glasses says:

Tofu is soy bean curds

sily sister says:


Feli says:

You make a lot of these recipes look less intimidating than the original videos. Especially the second recipe, I feel like I could do that if I wanted to.

Daniel Vlog says:

Our team pano won’t let you escape chocolate croissant 2.0. DO THE GODDAM TIMPANO DAVID! Gimme a T, gimme an I, gimme an M, gimme a P, gimme an A, Gimme an N, Gimme an O! TIMPANO!!!! Timpano!

zapril makara says:

Ketchup and rice are bomb

Victoria Marz says:

the egg fell because the rice base was smaller than the egg. if you use a bowl instead of a cup, it would not fall out.

Dej Sof says:

The surface area on the cup you used to make the rice wasn’t big even which is why it wouldn’t lay on top without falling off

Kid Cliff says:

Hi David I love your vids. I really think you should do this https://youtu.be/bIsIAfOoW8g it looks really good.
PS huge fan

ConsC says:

Even Rie wants the Timpano David


Mariana Muñoz says:

Maybe the omelet didn’t cook the same because it didn’t have the veggies like on Rie’s

Vallie Pallie says:

Would you ever consider trying recipes from Food Wishes?

Gamer MMO'S says:


Nãdâ Głåmbęrt says:

You put ketchup on your eggs?!!

GothMermaidGamer says:


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