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This video will show you how to make delicious Ramen at home! Ramen is the popular noodle dish in Japan. Hard to find Chukamen (noodles) outside Japan? We used Italian pasta, believe or not. Watch our video to see how we do it!


Riordan Pett says:

Who cares if the pork is dry…Sure it tastes amazing! I think the salt drained it overnight, so best not to salt the pork I guess! Simmering it in water clearly didn’t salvage it

マリオ 94 says:

Man if I could ide choose to be japanese in my next life lol I love everything about japanese culture.

Karl A. says:

Darth Vader sent me

Srinivas Kari says:

how many calories does a serving have?

Rena Storm says:

Looks so tasty! gonna need to try it, thanks!

legolover187 says:

That pork meat looks terrible

Buu says:

i miss tsukemen so much

qpvxi 71 says:

Come to see my channel if you guys wanna know how to cook Korean ramen! 😀

thyironfist says:

This looks so good. I never would have guessed angel hair pasta. Thank you!

Maglaboi says:

What is that thing on left that looks like noodles?

Josh Boustead says:

That hunk of pork looks a lot more than 1 pound

Khaos Ayala says:

is it possible to use olive oil instead of sesame oil?

Adam Gibson says:

I love ramen it’s my favourite food

Maddy Platt says:

so many weebs

Melina Reed says:

thank you ill try this soon 🙂

iiAlxrt-Mobile Gamings says:

Guys you should try my family’s ramen store.its in Calgary Alberta Canada the store is called Moku

Killinemsoftly504 says:


Hanzo Shimada says:

Hi, quick question, can I use something other than pork?

Shelly Lanette says:

Wish I had this to eat right now!

Deshi kitchen sudha Recipe says:

very nice recipe i like it

amazingdany says:

*In my local Asian supermarkets, they don’t even have authentic ramen noodles! But I like to sub egg wonton noodles, miam!*

thybolt says:

i know for a fact that baking soda add bad tast to anithing is you over adding it .. but as a chef , i herd that baking to bading soda first makes it a alcaline salt to make the diference with alcaline water of japan

Zeref Dragneel says:

I have those bowls! From Japan!

Aris mats says:


mia Poe says:

Its NOT EVEN a Video LMAO!

Dan Quinn says:

That pork is dry af

OneLoudNinja says:

Why not add a couple chopped carrots and celery :3

Tony Mejia says:

Fuck pork

Oluf The Explorer says:

This was delicious. Thanks for the great recipe 😀

cioda says:

persona 4 golden and it’s Aya restaurant made me curious about ramen

Sandra Lopez says:

I made this recipe. I boiled water and put 1 chicken cube, when it boiled, I put in soy sauce, cooking wine, rice vinegar and few drops sesame oil, set aside. I boiled the thin noodles, boiled egg, blanched the bok choy. Then i assembled them in a bowl, put the soup in and voila, wow, really tasted good. Was not able to put any meat because i didnt hv meat in ref. nx time, i will put some meat, pork or beef or chicken. Just perfect for the snowy weather. Thanks to this link cooking 101. Really very easy to prepare. Try it, youll end up making it often for snack or when you get craving for ramen. Enjoy!!!

Finnbar01 says:

This video is Islamophobic because they are using pork.

Pingoon 핑군 says:

What kind of ramen is this? Shoyu?


Hmm should be Ramen life hack 101 looks good will try recipe.

Jonathan F says:


Marc P. says:

I’d be happy just having that amazing looking egg, for me the timing is hard to get and to peel even harder.

MyFaceToo says:

Hi could I use shiritaki noodles as a substitute with baking soda instead?

Jonathan Navarro says:

made it. it was delicious.thank you.

Karolina Bublik says:

Oh lové the sprouts but its so hard to find fresh ones in uk :/

DyNexWag says:

Naruto would love that!! YUM YUM

Jesper Markling says:

Tried it! I can honestly say, it is amazing.

Philip Butkiewicz says:

My own recipe involves also adding a little bit of fish sauce in the broth. Instead of spring onions I’m using negi.

HeartlandTuber says:

Thank you for the suggestion to try fresh angel hair pasta boiled with soda to get close equivalent to fresh ramen noodles. I have been searching for a couple of weeks trying to find anything close that one could purchase here in USA. I am working on trying to make my own homemade ramen noodle soup, as close to the genuine article as possible. Thanks for this excellent video.

Robie Marzan says:

wow!angel hair pasta is a substitute of any kind of noodles

AniJarPlus Lord says:

cant watch this sorry

Elaine L. Qin says:


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