Purin (Custard Pudding) Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Purin (Custard Pudding.) Ingredients are so simple, only milk, eggs, sugar, and some vanilla. Our Purin is baked in a water bath in the oven. It’s so delicious that everyone loves it!
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Okami rosa Luna says:

Can you use brown sugar for the caramel

tinkcomplex says:

The whipped cream and cherry on top are not optional!  If anything, they round out the flavor!  It is to die for!  Can’t wait to make this again.  Totally recommend it!  XD

Marina Kenigsberg says:

Super! Thank you!!

Eujiboo says:

I failed so badly on the first try though . Burnt caramel is the spawn of satan – smells bad , tastes ugh and so so so tough to clean once it hardens D:

VictorianRabbit3456 says:

Super simple I love it. Can I only use whole milk though?

Ansari Masira says:

nyc mam

Ernest Perez says:

can you do this with a muffin pan?

Laughinwithya LEMAO says:

That’s also flan…?

Sean Mikhael Sietereales says:

can i use UHT processed milk?

Shireen Perindia says:

Absolutely love purin ever since I had some in Tokyo as a child. You made it look so simple, thank you! ^_^ Will definitely try it out.

Juanita Dalligos says:

wow i thank itz yummy

Wolki says:

It looks so delicious and easy! I will try to make it 😀 Thank you for this recipe^^

JapaneseCooking101 says:

Creme Caramel, Flan, Purin, and etc… many different custard dessert variations in the world! Some recipes call for heavy cream or condensed milk. Purin is somewhat lighter because it only uses milk, sugar, and eggs (and vanilla.)

LuckyTurtle says:

This looks so goooood!

Sofia Adame says:

it sounds delicious~nya

LemonCordial says:

what going to happen if we boil the milk too long.

cyttest says:

OOh, I love purin!

PillowTalkingOtaku aka/Makura says:

I love Pudding! Though i use teacups instead of purin cups. I eat it allll the time! Also some shortcake!

ra33it821 says:

Mmmmm…one of my fav desserts!! I used to buy this at the markets..cant wait to try this at home!!

Soft as Silk says:

Bitch that’s a flan

Brad Anders says:

I’ll just substitute the caramel… I can’t really handle sweet things.
Maybe I can use a Mango sauce, and top it with whipped creme and banana. 🙂
I’ll have to try that. 🙂

Thank you for the recipe! 🙂

owl chan says:

oishi-so “D: <3

drendee says:

Love your videos !!! Could you post a video of Hokkaido cupcakes ?

Ivyleaf says:

Yum! The whipped cream on top is wonderful with it ^_^

Khanh Vu says:

Great tutorial!

Emly says:

I watched hoping to find out what the difference between purin and flan was…

But it’s the exact recipe my mexican family has been using for yeaaars years years

Forever a mystery to me

Charina Caballes says:

This looks so yummy! <3

Matthew Brougham says:

Isn’t this just Creme Caramel?

xXSasuke723Xx says:

I made this not to long ago for my family and lover they all enjoyed it and it tasted great

HammyCantFly says:

I’ve always loved my mum’s homemade flan’s and her recipe is almost exactly the same as this! I suppose I’ve been eating purin all my life. xD I can’t wait to try this out for myself.

GiingerWolf says:

What could you use instead of of the little purin cups? (Since I lack them/don’t know where to find them.)

florespaola92 says:

I’ll be sure to give this a try ^-^

SachikoisGREATO says:

This is kinda like flan.

Catherine Nguyen says:

PURIN!!!!!! ^_^

Hunter Kean says:

Purin YUMMMMM!!!!!

Li Anderson says:

Ooooh yeah! Hokkaido cupcakes please!

damn it sydney says:

I always use your guys recipes for Purin, I love how it turns out perfect and with no pores! :))

Thuy Vu says:

Can I steam it instead

lucy k says:

I did this and well the pudding tasted amazing but the caramel tasted burned :c Anyway, thanks for the recipe! 

ghaida h says:

It’s also a famous French deser called creme caramel

DDRandDSLover says:

Cute and simple! I’d love to make these. Also, I love your channel – great recipes.

Space Amethyst says:

Can I use reduced fat milk instead of whole milk?

RacingMintDonuts says:

Can you make purin without vanilla extract?

Katie Wishart says:

can it be cooked in the microwave

JapaneseCooking101 says:

If it’s an individual pan, that will be fine. If it’s an all-in-one 6 or 12 muffin pan, it will be impossible to remove the Purin from the pan! See our video toward the end and you will see how we transferred it to the plate.

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