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This video will show you how to make hot and crunchy homemade Potato Korokke. Fresh potatoes and ground beef are covered with panko bread crumbs and deep fried. Yum! Watch our video and try it!


Artemis 3301 says:

does it have to have meat because I just want potatoes one

ZAKney White says:

Amazing I try it very good but have one problem I have no konkatsu sauce what I will do.hope you reply

darknessplague says:


Tayler SantaMaria says:

I love this channel

markowalski says:

So good I can’t wait to make these!!

Phantom Penguin says:

this looks delicious and your voice is adorable!

Drocellie O'Fletch says:

Just a tip, dont use the yolk before add it to bread crumb. the oil wont be easy to burn (or change color) if you do that, so you can use the oil for many batch 🙂

asianqt31 says:

it’s also good with corn in the mixture.

Sinadee Lania says:

Hungry…. Well I suppose I have no choice but to make these. XD

Hanna Handayani says:

Why my korokke get crumbles when i fry it? do you have any tips to prevent that?

ALL JAPAN - 日本 says:



erikawrites says:

I am so happy I found you guys! I’m gonna make this next week for my school lunches!

Teki katoku says:

Hi can I use pork instead of beef??

Bill Blinky says:

I’ve had this in a Japanese restaurant and wondered about making it at home. Thanks to you, I now understand the process and I will give it a go. Thank you.

Jessie Aki says:

In Bolivia we have almost the same thing, its called papa rellena or stuffed potatoes. It is stuffed potatoes because instead of mixing everything with the mashed potato we put the meat and veggies inside, I guess kind of like the curry with bread, and we also deep fry it… Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. I’ll try making this recipe now, thank you ^^

Celosia Prisco-Ganaha says:

Korokke are so good! It tastes so yummy and my sister goes crazy for this!

Sebastien Lebamoff says:

I am deeply satisfied by the fact that you use your cast iron pan often

Almost bawce says:


Anouk van der mark says:

in the netherlands we have kroket, people eat it a lot and you can get it everywhere, its the same thing as a korokke but with only meat and a kind of dough on the inside.

Larraine Santos says:

how many potatoes did u use?

Courtny No says:

Will this work without the meat? ^.^

Rica F says:

We have something like this in germany too. It’s called “Klops” and it’s basically a patty, mixed with white bread (or german buns) which have been soked with water over night, then press the water out and mix it with beef, onions, salt and pepper. Then flour, eggs, bread crumps but instead of frying it (which is possible too, I guess), I make it in a pan. It’s delicious 🙂

aliceallgrown says:

That looks so delicious!

Joseph Cordova says:

Just made some last night they were amazing ^o^ although I burned myself a little with the oil

Momoney1210 says:

The only thing that could make this even better would be cheese.

Mio Akiama says:

That was a good idea for croquette or korroke, but for a bit advice you shouldn’t make a very large pieces, because it takes long time and won’t cooked evenly. Anyway, thanks for the recipes ^^

Bangtan Trash says:

Can I bake it.

Azhar Noordin says:

Sempai…how do i make the mixture stick together mine keep crumbling away…..i guess it because i put to much onion instead of meat XD

sebastian raynald setiawan says:

We called it “Perkedel” in Indonesia

Bailey D says:

Do you think ground chicken or turkey would work well with this? My boyfriend can’t eat beef, but I don’t know if it would make a difference to use a leaner meat like that. These look delicious though! I really want to try making them.

Z'echa bebebz says:

I like to make this,tasted so good

ALPHA Team says:
Malakoh LaPapaye says:

I need to do this.. but.. I’m allergic to gluten.. So I have to figure a non-gluten alternative for the flour and bread crumbs :(((

Mohammed Adel says:

We have a very similar side dish in Egypt.

Artemis 3301 says:

does it have to have meat because I just want potatoes one

JR Lenard says:

I am so making some of this, I have been wanting to get a recipe for korokke for such a long time, they look so freaking good.

Tsubasa_18.0 says:

I have a question. Can you put the korokke patties (before the panko coating/deep frying step) up in the fridge or something so you can just fry them another time? Ex: for lunch the next day.

erikawrites says:

can these be pan fried instead of deep fried?

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