Perfect Egg Rolls Recipe Tamagoyaki – Eugenie Kitchen

Learn how to make egg rolls. It’s a simple and easy egg recipe, tamagoyaki omelette. Find Egg Roll recipe here:
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reginald daniels says:

Am salivating

checkout says:

Wow…gr8 technique….ur kitchen is class

elvis mario says:


Lazy Nicole says:

My egg mixture is becoming bubbles

gogaurab says:

3:41 so adorable 🙂 🙂 🙂

UNik S2 says:

I dont want to add milk is it ok? And can I use fish sauce instead of salt?

Sahil Sahitya says:

i love u very nice

هديل هلال says:


SotaSystems says:

*drools* I just saw the thumbnail of the video and instantly wanted to make one myself

Kumari Tilotma says:

I try it

Thanh Ngo says:

3 am in the morning, 4 pages to go.

The36Girl36 says:

Yayy mine succeeded, added some cheese and seller instead of the onions. 🙂

eric lanteri says:

Thanks you.

Zeeshan qadri says:


sunita verma says:


sprakle ec says:

Everyone can make omelette nothing special about that

マサムネ凛 says:

This may not seem easy the first time you start, but you’ll get the hang of it!
Then it becomes easier ^^

Baruit Furniture says:

super taste I like it

Papo de Cozinha e Dicas says:


Jingle Dumaliang says:


ZERO 0 says:

유지니님~다름이아니라 어떤가게에서 유지니키친님 계란말이 사진이 있더라고요. 허락은구하고 쓰는건가요?

Bella Kasper says:

Hey I need some honey budda chips………

Sagacious Gaming says:

I fucked it up guys, okay? I fucked it up.

جينفر الحيدري says:

vre nes

Riza Comida says:

I try it already in my own.. it’s so good for me coz I’ve already cook correctly.. l like it so much also my son..
thank you for sharing your idea..

Leakna Am says:


Valentina Vanja says:

InstagVam 😀

Anon Rahman says:

I see this in anime all the time. I have to make this

Malik Sherry says:

hahahahaha that hiccuppp awww <3 >(“) <(") <(") <(")

Bohemian Boy says:

¿Se le pone leche? Jamás lo había pensado…

Gopi Niroula says:

very nice

qrhassan says:

She’s super cute!!

Edinson que buena altdrnativa Hurtado says:

hermosa reseta

Kumari Tilotma says:

I try it

Samuel Okoye says:

nice and quick

Mayur jagtap says:

very good, very nice

هديل هلال says:

شكرا علي ترجمه واكيد هجربها

Siris Shyam says:

how do make rolled omelets sauce??

Breakfast Recipes says:

so sweat

Freedom Game says:

very good easy

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