Oyako Don (Chicken & Egg over Rice) recipe – Japanese cooking – 親子丼の作り方レシピ

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Mirin is a very sweet sake used for cooking. If you don’t have mirin, substitute with sake+honey, or apple juice+honey.

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Darly Souza says:

Can I use anything else instead of bonito flakes? I don’t think it’s available in Brazil… This recipe looks totally delicious. 

chuckwalla says:

Seems a little too watery.  Should make smaller sauce portion.

Lucie Gretchen says:

Try out this Japanese yakisoba noodle http://goo.gl/eiMnhT

kimmedeiros says:

wow, you made it so easy to follow that I think even I could cook this 🙂 Thanks for a great recipe!!

ezjapanesecooking says:

Still delicious.

ashadul haque says:

what kind of sows do you put? if you don’t know that sows this video Is hopeless.  

Zig Zag says:

YAY for cross contamination!

Tippy Wong says:

healthy high protein food yummy

reintroduction says:

Just to check – what do you mean by “1 part”? Does it equate to 1 cup?

Yvonne Ruiz says:

I have hondashi . is that similar to bonito flakes? Flavorwise ?

Widi Ran says:

It just
Soy sauce
Mirin and water??

But what is the meaning of mirin?

The Graceful Savage says:

owww the knife cutting technique makes me cringe… I wonder if OP has lost any fingertips…

Iyonie Narita says:

Hey Mary Sheane Jose. The best subtitute for mirin is lemon juice mixed with a little bit of sugar. Hope that helps

Kakashi - Leonhart says:

looks tasty now i am getting hungry XD

Grzybo93 says:

Is it really something worth maaking and will give me mouthgasm, or is it just okay? Never’s tried it and I’m wondering if it’s worth the effort.

Virgo v says:

You can remove some of the water and replace it with dashi to replace bonito flakes. I generally dont keep the flakes around because they are hard to find where I live.

Pierre Foley says:

just got home from work…..this dish looks so goood!!!

Chris K says:

this turned out REALLY good bro!

how to make food restaurant says:

That’s probably because I used too much Apple juice. (I didn’t have mirin T_T) Also I didn’t use bonito flakes that time, but I bought Bonito flakes last week! Thanks for your video’s, i like a lot of the recipes! more recipes here http://goo.gl/3jSQhK

Umi Sadiyah says:

i tried your recipe its really nice maybe it my mistake i use much soy souce so little bit sour kkkk
thx ~~

john smith says:

What food illness did you catch

Andy B says:

I just found this channel and I sure am glad I did. The recipes are so straight forward.

I almost always prefer thigh to breast. But I have always had breast in this dish because it is full of liquid and therefore does not dry out the meat. I am going to have to make this very soon. Perhaps I will try thigh in it.

HadoukenCheapShot says:

So watched this recipe for Oyako Don a couple of months ago and have been making this dish (often) ever since. It’s simple and delicious! Finally had an opportunity to make it for some of my friends and they all loved it! I wanted to come back to say thank you!

Mary Sheane Jose says:

what is the best subtitute to a mirin if there is none?

d.y. says:

Miss watching your videos, come back! 🙂

Diandra Aulia Azhar Paramitha S says:

I have many time cook that for my boss&family.
and they’re like .

Garuda Boy says:

Name of song?

808foodlover says:


freddy vs jason says:

great, you eat their whole family..

Antony Shows says:

超簡単お好み焼き in Australia | How to cook simple Okonomiyaki

TheJBlaz3 says:

how much is 1 part? in mls

kimmedeiros says:

So, I went to the store and picked up some chicken thighs since I had everything else. I followed your video exactly and OMG!! My son and I are finishing it off right now, I can’t believe how amazingly yummy and almost exactly what the Japanese restaurant nearby serves, except that they have nice wooden lacquered dishes and I served mine’s in Campbell soup mugs. I am actually going to make another serving of it so I can bring it to work for my lunch tomorrow!! Thanks you!!

Jordank72792 says:

what’s the name of the song in the background

shimura says:

soooo good <3 thx for sharing!

Don Jave says:

closing and cooking it reduces the cooking time and spreads the heat evenly

Sushifoo says:

Ah! I just made this today and it was sooooo yummy!

ezjapanesecooking says:


Toshio Watanabe says:

Mirin is made from rice, half maturation of “SAKE”, taste sweet rice content sugar.  I usually use “SAKE” and little sugar instead of “Mirin”.  This is more dry taste.  Aji-Mirin means, “Tasty Mirin”, sounds Ajinomoto’s original product name… Trefoil is not used in video, which “親子丼 – Oyakodon” typical taste and most Japanese use… 

Zahra Fadhila says:

could you please tell me what mirin is?

ChelsScantland says:

Just made it and it is so delicious!!!! Thank you again, I love your recipes! The only problem was all I had was italian rice…. which isn’t bad but you can tell isn’t right haha

Momochii says:

thanks :D!!

Travis Garcia says:

Does it taste good with a raw egg on top? In another video I saw them do it, but I am curious if it is the traditional way or not.

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