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This video will show you how to make Omurice. Omurice, shorten for Omelette Rice is ketchup fried rice wrapped with egg crepe. It may sound strange but tastes surprisingly good. Try it at home!


DreamingInTokyo says:

ketchup and eggs is not weird at all

Firdaus Marthadinata says:

so basically it’s fried rice with egg, but with beautiful form, looks yummy

Sydney Lu says:

girl why’d you tell us to use two eggs if you only put in half

Stacy Gonzalez says:

what if we dont want to use chicken??

imadele14 says:

tomato or banana ketchup?

panda - san says:

What do you mean? Americans put ketchup on EVERYTHING!! (°▽°)/

Enrique Trejo says:

I grew up eating my eggs with ketchup. I don’t enjoy it anymore, but I never knew anyone else did it as well.

Jave Lester Odvina says:

Oh,, its very nice to see, same like Filipino Fried Rice but without a coating of Scrambled Eggs ,, I can do this tomorrow,, I can do better than that..

Uveria says:

I don’t understand why you mixed two eggs then only used half. Why not just use one?
Either way, watching this makes me really hungry X3

ealingbroadway2000 says:

You can make lots of money serving this as a vendor, it’s popular during lunch hour on the industry estate in London, Japanese guy and girl running it are geniuses.

Teddy Bear says:

Can I leave out the meat? And if yes what do you recommend I use?~Thx

Arts Pin says:

Yummy gonna try this on my dayoff ! woot ! thanks for sharing this recipe

galaxynoatakara says:

in Malaysia, we have something very similar. its called Nasi Goreng Pataya

Yarimar Martinez says:

What can I substitute for onions?

laine ferreras says:

sus parang fried rice at itlog lang pala XD

Logan Peterson says:

in here because of Charlotte the anime. I literally can’t wait to make this!

stacyblue1980 says:

ketchup on eggs isnt strange at all =)) I always have ketchup on my scrambled eggs. Yummy! I cant wait to make this. Thank you .

Carina Herrera says:

This makes me happy seeing that I’m not the only one who puts ketchup on top of rice. My mother used to make little rice balls and I would dip them in ketchup so it brings back memories. Still my favorite comfort food to this day!

Mika ritsu says:

im mexican and eat eggs with ketchup and eggs with hot dog wennies

Boozey Heals says:

Just side note i think Americans use ketchup for almost everything, or at least i do

꿈을어둠 says:

I loved the peas in mine, I could really taste the peaness.

DTHUGisdashit says:

do you like to use american sweet ketchup or the japanese tomato-flavor-only ketchup?

Nicholas Rivera says:

lol americans love ketchup with eggs

Kayla Albrecht says:

Looks perfect! Thanks for sharing

Asma Army,Monbebe, ELF says:

Here because of rooftop prince

Andrew Gonzaga says:

where is the other egg lol!

dee tan says:

I’m eating this now o (∩ ω ∩) o making Omurice is enjoyable, it tastes sweety … unfortunatelly I could not form the egg sheet ,ugh, it turns out into pieces QQ but I managed to place it in the top and decorate it with ketchup (*ˊᵕˋ*) ouishiiiiii neee~

STlTCHlZ says:

In the UK people put ketchup on eggs no matter how they are done, fried, scrambled, poached, ketchup goes on them all lol

qazxswcdewsx says:

4:04 no it’s not

not necessarily

muomo says:

Rather than ketchup, we would put salsa on our eggs, which is similar. I’m from Texas, so that may be a bit of a Tex-Mex thing haha 🙂

Josh Guzek says:

I grew up in the US putting ketchup on my eggs, never knew this was where it came from!

Garnet says:

I put ketchup on my eggs since childhood I used to think I was weird but I think this is a common thing. xD

now putting ketchup on broccoli is still weird to me. my best friend’s brother used to do that!

zsaver says:

Dammit stop making me hungry

Rohit Pillai says:

I hate chicken and also don’t like it. can we substitute tofu instead of adding chicken for omurice????

TheRealMushmallow says:

It’s funny cause as an american, I use ketchup on my scrambled eggs. So I guess it’s not as outlandish to me.

Ericka joy Flore says:

is it okay if I use some of your recipes to cook food for my home

AnimeLover1994100 says:

do you have to use a certain type of rice?

Helena Fitzherbert says:

This is delicious. I love your recipes. I eat them all the time. Arigato!

Holly Ruddick says:

This reminds me of when I went to Japan as a teen. I was served omurice and was absolutely appalled that they’d use ketchup for making fried rice! Hahaha. I didn’t understand at the time that it was a legitimate Japanese dish and just assumed they were misguided in their attempt to cook food that would be familiar to my palate. I’m one of the few people I know that absolutely despise ketchup on anything other than French fried potatoes, so needless to say omurice is not a dish I enjoy. But in glad I had the opportunity to experience it, as well as all the wonderful things Japan had to offer. I dream of someday going back.

Out Of Place Ninja says:

At first I like :O when I seen egg with ketchup. Then as it sank into my brain I realized it may actually be good. I seem to have a good ability to judge how something will taste before even making it and love to experiment. Ever tried peanut butter and mayo on bread? What about peanut butter and mustard on bread? Actually, I would have done this recipe a little different by adding chunky peanut butter to the “fried rice” at the start. Just a little, maybe a tablespoon or so. I also would have added garlic. If I made this, I would also eventually experiment. Maybe add mustard instead of ketchup to see how it tastes. You never really know how something will taste till you make it and try it. I’m a little weird but sometimes I find some very interesting food combinations that taste rather good.

This video has made me wonder how good a peanut butter, egg, and ketchup grilled cheese would taste. I may have to try that sometime.

Samantha S says:

can i use tofu instead of chicken?

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