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Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake. This video will show you how to make the Kansai style Okonomiyaki. It is the real Osaka flavor!!
The recipe by Noriko & Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 (http://www.japanesecooking101.com) We only use ingredients you can easily find!


Ada Repli says:

I hate this channel… Was cruising youtube just fine. I had to stop at see this.. now I’m super hungry…nomNom japanese pizza

Widya Sari says:

One my favorite food and nice for diet

Mochi Chan says:

Thumbs up for Kansai <3

bdenismydrug says:

The bonito flakes looked alive! Hehehe. Very very delicious recipe!!

StarrySnow Sharmine says:

okonomiyaki is my favourite japanese food :3 you don’t really have the kansai accent when speaking though o.o

JR Lenard says:

I don’t think that your bonito was killed before the flakes were made lol.

JapaneseCooking101 says:

Thanks for your comment! We’re going to try to put more videos up this fall, so stay tuned!

Grace Lim says:

I am so excited to try out this recipe… Thank u (;

Gren Moyo says:

pork belly…so….bacon.

sacredlotus says:

for those who don’t like cabbage what would suggest as an alternative

Alex Langenstein says:

This is a delicious recipe!!! Thank you for posting!

kittyshelby91 says:

Thanks so much for the great video! I’ve always wanted to make okonomiyaki and now I can’t wait to get cooking. ^_^

Fraser John says:

this is a bit overcooked

Gerald Linatoc says:

been so educated with Japanese Cuisine! thanks! love Japanese Cuisine!!

diegoyotta says:

Its alive!

JapaneseCooking101 says:

Thank you!

John Magee says:

Is that Bacon You use?? I Enjoy your Videos Keep up the great work

Foreverabear34 says:

More episodes please!! This is more than amazing! I’m trying to impress my family with the wondrous cuisines of Japan 🙂 So..どうもありがとう、私はより多くのために戻ってきます!

Millalera says:

I love okonomiyaki! Will try this. Thanks 🙂

grumblebun says:

my favourite!

JapaneseCooking101 says:

So glad to hear! Thank you!

Lie Kevin says:

Are pork belly and bacon different? If they’re different, can I replace pork belly with bacon?

Siyuan Gao says:

Love your videos, now I am in Sendai. You can’t imagine how surprised my friends know that I can cook Japanese food!

Max Tull says:

Could I also add some octopus and shrimp in this dish?

JapaneseCooking101 says:

Yes! And squid is also popular.

Jemmy Jonathan Liu says:

I try your recipe. It’s VERY GOOD. I guess if you really want to make okonomiyaki, you just have to trust Kansai people. It’s the best okonomiyaki recipe. hehehehe

Rohit Pillai says:

in India, bonito flakes or okonomiyaki sauce is not available in every grocery store and supermarkets so what we can substitute for this ingredients for these recipe???

Rohit Pillai says:

thank you ma’am 🙂

corvusala says:

I love these videos, but you have GOT to watch this with auto caption on. I laughed till my face hurt.

Zabigdog says:

I’m in love! Your video is really fun to watch and I’m all excited to make okonomiyaki! Plus it’s so goshdarn fun to say. I’m officially a fan. Thank you!

PowerOn says:

This stuff is great also good the next day

Haziq Zaini says:

Can I replace the dashi with regular fish sauce

illmtoloko says:

Could you make a Chirashi sushi recipe? 🙂

corvusala says:

this is perhaps the 6’th recipe I’ve learned from your channel. I just got done cooking and eating for the first time and it was very yummy. TY.

Martin Tan says:

If it weren’t for the shape, I’d say you may be making takoyaki. 😀

Maya Alford says:

Thank you for sharing!  It looks delicious. I need to make okonomiyaki right now!!!

Gilbert Bishop says:

watching these videos reminds me of cooking with my mom and grandma 😀 thank you very much for sharing wonderful recipes!!!

Mistabeen says:

Could you do a video on perhaps making okonomiyaki sauce? I can’t find it in the asian foodshop around here, but maybe I can find the ingredients to make it myself.

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