Nikuman Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to cook Nikuman, Japanese steamed hot buns with ground pork filling.
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guard royal says:

is this even Japanese? i tried to order it and the guy told me it was Korean i kind of felt like a dick

HapplyFace says:

That looks like it’s really tasty.

atirex says:

I love your videos! 2 questions:
1) what can I substitute water chestnut with?
2) If I would like to freeze this for later (like in the store), should I do it before or after steaming the nikuman?

Thank you <3

Zach Newberry says:

do u have to use a steamer?

Sarah marinkovich-durfee says:

Can you reheat these or would they taste bad the next day?

ThatOneChickk says:

Can you fry these?

Susana Ruiz de Lope says:

I was in Japan recently and fell in love with nikuman while I was in Osaka (Butaman!!!) so I wanted to try it at home.
I have to say that the bun is PERFECT, It’s exactly what I tasted there.
The filling I’m going to have to work on because I didn’t nail it, but It gives me a chance to try different options, I wanna try seafood filling next!

Frankie R. says:

this looks so yummy! all your videos make me so sooo hungry

Felicia Tjuatja says:

Can I use this dough to make manjyu?

Celosia Prisco-Ganaha says:

My mom used to make this for me and my sister all the time back when I was younger.

Ali Trout says:

I have a question! I understand that it wouldn’t be the original Japanese recipe, but could this be done with ground beef, making it kosher?

Derek Cb says:

Looks like siopao. Tasty.

NoirVelours says:

What do you suggest as a vegan filling instead of pork?

coldundertow says:

Just add hardboiled egg and we’ll have Vietnamese/Chinese buns 🙂

Samantha King says:

Is it possible to freeze these and save them for later before steaming them?

edgar q says:

thank you for the recipe, itadakimasu!!!

Oluf The Explorer says:

It’s ok, I just don’t care for the texture of the dough.

Zach Newberry says:

can u just put it in a pot and put the lid over it?

Vlad says:

Finally, a recipe that doesn’t require letting the dough rest for like 5 sessions. Looks pretty oishii yo

tracey martin says:

Can you bake them and if so what temperature and for how long? Thank you!

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