Mother’s Gyoza Recipe (Japanese Dumplings)

Gyoza is deliciously addictive and my mother’s version is pretty amazing. It’s also super easy to make. If you’ve never tried gyoza before, we urge you to try them out immediately! Subscribe!


Soy Sauce
Rice Vinegar

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MikeTheBarber63 says:

I am happy your mother makes simple dishes. Small steps to great foods inspire new cooks. Decades ago in the 1970s I found a recipe in a magazine for “Chinese Egg Rolls” it was exotic in Tennessee USA! LOL! We had to go to a “Special Chinese Market” for wrappers (sold frozen) and a can of water chestnuts that were totally unknown to my family. I made them and it was one of the things that made me begin to look at the rest of the world thru food. Youtube makes the world a family where now once exotic ingredients are common and videos like yours show everyone the steps to new experiences. Thanks to you and your mother and Senichi for the wonderful experiences.

キャット G says:

Gyoza and Korean style fried Mandu is my fave!

Maki Ventanilla says:

you and your mom have such an adorable relationship! I really do love all the videos you guys make! thank you for them (´∀`)♡

Braywen Games says:

She is so stinking sweet!!!

chiisaichi says:

Omg. I thought you guys were cute but now your mom too? So much sweetness! Makes me so happy to watch your videos!

Tracie RD says:

i love your mom! she reminds me so much of my obassan!

Nicole Rusli says:

Do you have any suggestions on how to replace the meat? I still eat seafood so will ground-up shrimp or tofu work?

Yoshiko Yeto says:

The gyoza are pleated so beautifully. And how delicious do the gyoza look! I wish I could try them. I will try making them with Beyond Meat crumbles. Can’t wait. Many thanks to your mother for sharing her culinary wisdom with us! I just adore her.

Stephen wallis says:

What type of cabbage are you using? Do you have have a recipe for vegetarian gyoza? My sister loves them, but doesn’t eat meat. I love watching you you guys. You always make me smile!

mickey banks says:

Your mom is an amazing woman and cook, thank you for sharing her with us!

Meg H says:

Is there anything you can use in place of sesame oil if you are allergic? :/

Monstarcookie says:

thank you very much mom! I’m going to try making these 😀

翔山直音 says:


gyqz says:

Shinichi-san: thank you for this outstanding video!! Your mom is radiant like a performing star and I love you two interacting.
This video is sooo much fun! Thank you for sharing!

L D says:

Love these. Your mom is adorable.

lavendermemorylane says:

I make Gyoza, too, kinda same reason as your mom. Rather expensive outside of Japan, if you purchase them. That’s a lot of garlic! hahaha I never poured sesami oil after it’s almost done. I’ll try that 🙂 I like the way she placed the Gyoza in a frying pan, and you flipped them, using the big plate. Good idea! I should make “mizu gyoza” more often. oh, by the way, I made that shoyu chicken! Easy and delicious! Have a nice flight back to Hawaii! Aloha~

Amy Doll73 says:

Omg your mom is too cute 🙂

Rebecca G says:

your mother is such an awesome, strong and inspiring woman!!! thank you for showing her that much in your videos!

Terry Lyle says:

I love it when your Mom cooks and these are the happiest videos for me. I happen to have the wrappers in the fridge so this is what I will use them for. May thanks for sharing your Mom’s talent and kindness with all of us!

I, DON'T, EXIST says:

Gyoza and Ponzu are my guilty pleasure on a very regular basis. The reason I call them “guilty” is because I Overindulge in them lol

alicia mcginley says:

love love love watching you and your mom cook, maybe some time your sister Niki can cook with you, would love to see that.

kiki12kara says:

It’s really sweet how you have such a nice relationship with your mother~ home cooking always has a special taste to it 🙂

ig33ku says:

Watch enough anime and you release what they say and what they translate are two different things lol.

keith tucknott says:

Thank you

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