Miso Soup Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

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This video will show you how to make Miso Soup at home! You don’t have to go to Japanese restaurants to get Miso Soup any more.
The recipe by Noriko & Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 (http://www.japanesecooking101.com) We only use ingredients you can easily find!


Samantha Beazley says:

So after making this would you just store it in your fridge heating it up later when you want some more? Also how long could you store it in there for?

liz west says:

OMG.. I always thought how to make miso soup.. And wats muso..now i got to know that i have always eaten miso and lykd it haha.. Only coz i didnt no wat it was made of God …..wel d only difference is Japanese call it miso and my mommy is Arunachali tribal dey cal it agiaa….. BDW im from India

Megan Michelle says:

I live right next to a Chinese supermarket but it so big and no one speaks English so I can never find anything

Midnight7762 says:

Very nice!

Rikk Grimes says:

This makes miso hungry

Uncle Papa says:

Mmmmm! I love Japanese food

Boby Stani says:

Can you make the miso soup without the dashi (fish broth)?

Anton-Michael England says:


Kynlee Mashburn says:

anyone know if this tastes anything like kanomis and instead of tofu can I use the little chip things they use in the kanomis soup?

sanjya dhakal says:

Dry Kelp がほしないの? だしつかてとき ボニトナ とDry Kelp ほしだとおもいます

abhiya4ever100 says:

Should the color of the soup be light because I had miso soup in a restaurant and the color was really brown and it didn’t taste or smell good. I wanted to throw up T-T

GothicRootje says:

thank you! that really helped 🙂


I prefer dashi from shiitake mushrooms ^^

Anna Funny Murphy says:

:0 I though miso soup is vegan. Thank you

Christie B says:

I’m planning to make miso soup soon but I cannot stand onions. The only flavour substitute I can think of is garlic… I have seen that a lot of savoury recipes call for daikon but I cannot get them here. Any ideas?

Connie Thatcher says:

I made it. It turned out great. I put it on my blog how I made it. I like how you explain how to make it. My blog Miso soup is here. https://connieemeraldeyes.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/weekly-photo-challenge-dinnertime/

Jyang Liska says:

I’ve never seen tofu that fine and jello like before. It looks beautiful btw.

Surviving as Mom says:


john balogna says:

quick question I thought Dashi also required kombu along with the bonito flakes to make. ???

miranda li says:

how long can the soup preserve? i mean, is it ok if i make it in the morning and have it for lunch?

Amshula G says:

I ran out of tofu last night, can I substitute it with egg?

Oluf The Explorer says:

Doesn’t miso just mean water in Japanese? If so, wouldn’t that mean it’s just “water soup”? oO

Kevin Wright says:

i give an automatic thumbs down when you post a commercial I can’t cancel…….


I am hostile towards the tuna fishing industry…… especially the Japanese……..who are rapists of the sea along with most Asian Nations……..

my mother is 100% Japanese…………I am Truth!……..

Emily Foster says:

No wakame?

Jenkstudio says:

Is there a thing I could do to reduce the fishy taste I got from the broth? (I made it using instant)

Kathi B says:

can i just use regular fish stock?

yege Alvarez says:

wow i just made this recipe and wow its really good and easy. i love miso soup but i didn’t know how to make, i thought it was hard but i was wrong..

Aquene Emil says:

can you keep it in fridge after making it? how long does it keep for?

Kingportable says:

Can you buy a pre-packaged dashi stock or cube/powder?

andy law says:

Don’t you need to add salt ?

christina lamar says:

I’m eating right niw

SuperLovebleach says:

Can I just use water instead of dashi? Thanks

kat lia says:

I tend to over cook, how many minutes approx do i cook the miso to prevent it from overcooking.?

joy paul says:

I love Japanese foods so much but some ingredients aren’t available in India 🙁

suria hagumi says:

i wonder long can miso paste lasted?? if i put it in refrigerator..

Captain Read says:

do you have to use dashi?? cuz if so I didn’t know there was such a thing as fish broth (hi white girl here lol)

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