Macaroni Gratin Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make Macaroni Gratin, a casserole dish with macaroni and creamy white sauce. Popular western style Japanese dish.
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Reganae Walters says:

yum love me some mac with cheese

Amy l says:

is it ok it I skip the onions ? or is it needed for this dish

Victoria Moon says:

omgg i love onions and mac and cheese

kutang78 says:

i love your video!! thx so much !! as always!!!!

Mio Akiama says:

This looks delicious! I might try it 😀

Celosia Prisco-Ganaha says:

This looks very good! I had these a few times at some cafes around Tokyo.

topeventer13 says:

Any advice if using a range instead of an actual oven?

LuckyTurtle says:

Thanks for this great recipe! I’m totally adding this to my dinner menu!

IsaakHunt says:

When Japanese people talk about “macaroni”, do they refer to this dish, or the type of noodles in general?

John D says:

I love that you put onions and chicken in this – looks so tasty!

森亮一 says:

more appreciated if we know the exact measurement of ingredients.

Ambi K. says:

Great recipes!

TheAKAaddey10 says:

I absolutely love your videos!!

morphin says:

love it
thx dear.

Rocky Gems says:

I’m not a big fan of onions, but this looks amazing!

WannaBite says:

this a very delightful dish.i often serve mac-cheese because it’s my families favorite.i enjoyed the different twist that made a YUMMY side dish.thank you so much for sharing with us today.

Kim the katycat says:

Looks oishi 🙂 very easy..Thanks for sharing the recipes.

MZ72 says:

Looks delicious and thanks for the recipe!

Avv2390 says:

does anyone know any vegetables which would go well with this?

Venice Remmus says:

I had this in tokyo but with a rice base instead of the macaroni and it was sooo good

Lila Chan says:

Took 3 pans and an oven pan but it was really yummy. There a no-bake version (Ochikeron) of this that is very, very good too. I did kick this up a bit and add a little chicken bullion and cayenne pepper and some frozen peas. Super yummy, maybe some Parmesan on top too and a little garlic.

Dwayne Wladyka says:

Looks very good!

Andrew Santoriello says:


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