Light Japanese Cotton Cheesecake [Gluten Free]

Light Japanese Cotton Cheesecake (Gluten Free)

Recipe for 18cm Round Pan (Line the bottom with baking paper and lightly grease the side)

I wrote the wrong amount of sugar in the video. The right amount already written on the recipe details below

125g cream cheese
40ml corn oil or canola oil
60ml milk
30g sifted corn flour (corn starch)
25g castor sugar
3 eggs (separate yolks and whites)
20ml lemon juice
50g castor sugar


Check out the Chocolate version of Japanese Cotton Cheesecake video


How to Make Matcha Japanese Cotton Cheesecake


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savita purswani says:

which cheese should be used?

Yanica says:

Mine deflated once I got it out of the oven. Is it normal?

Kiara Tong says:

could i use soya milk instead of regular milk here?

Konsuelo Ramírez says:

that looks besutiful! can we substitute castor sugar with regular sugar cane sugar?

Alice Chew suyanto says:

Hi, i bake the cake and it taste really nice, but what made the cake crack ? Thanks before

ivanaishere says:

Can I use a single pan instead of the double water method?

Johji Uehara says:

thumbs up if you are a guy who loves to watch porn back in 70’s.

jgsky says:

name of music please!

Amz 9090 says:

What does it taste like?

Celismar Silva says:


John Smith says:

I can’t get the egg whites fluffy , someone help me! !

Joey Chia says:

why does my cake keep breaking in the middle? :/

saskewoo says:

this looks delicious

HaxorLee says:

Music: Sin Luz by Sir Flansi

glisten flower says:

the bgm is too racy lol

Dan says:

I thought something was on my screen (look at center area to the top)

Dhomy Al-motairi says:

what if I mixed in a machine mixer instead of my hand

4EverXLover says:

is it jiggly o.o

Candace Jones says:

this music doe

Middle class- White dad says:

souffle cheesecake basically.

Victoria Karcz says:

so does this taste like new york style cheesecake


can it be vegetable oil??

crybap says:

150 c or f

Michiel Roskam says:

i think i just came, fluffy cheesecake style

nurul hayati says:

do we need to leave the cake in the oven with the door slightly open b4 taking out

hearmymotoredheart says:

There is waaay too much sugar in this.

Duaa Daher says:

Simply amazing!

Eka Mancon says:

I tried this twice the bottom was too firm and wet. help please?? I want to perfect baking this!

Sóley Erla says:

you shouldn’t even call that a cake, it’s a cotton ball with flavor

HaxorLee says:

Song: Sin Luz by Sir Flansi


And did you put flour around the cake pan so that it didn’t stick?

kicapmanis69 says:

hi there…just wondering if you could tell me how do i make the top part to be brown because when i made the cake, the top part wasn’t that brownish. that you for your time 😀

Jamie Ramirez says:

Does anyone know how to cook this with duck eggs

mozaiku says:

i’m baking this cake right now as i type this and it has been in the oven for almost and hour now but! it exploded!! well not really but the top isn’t smooth and pretty like in the video. it looks like a crater. i’m not sure what i did wrong..can anyone help? im thinking that maybe the bowl i used was too small but idk..

maheens says:

I made this today and it is AMAZING!!! Easier than I thought it would be! Next step is trying the striped one.

sil bil says:

iwish i could make this vegan.looks like a fucking cloud

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