Lemon Chicken (Japanese Style Recipe)

Soy sauce adds a bit of Japanese flair to this Lemon Chicken. Easy to make and delicious! Subscribe! http://goo.gl/18SB8p

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Potato Starch https://goo.gl/WhZ5rE
Soy Sauce https://goo.gl/1rrtiw

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Mafer☆Art says:

Very good, I tried today, very yummy.

gorilla glue says:

I used to prefer chicken breast and hated thighs. Then a couple of weeks ago I learned how to debone them for chicken satay and it was incredibly delicious so I like thighs more now.

Maria Paz Figaredo says:

Hey guys!!! I made this recipe today at the restaurant that I work and it was pure success!! Thank you so much!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Romana Bansing says:

hello tabieat your so great.i learned a lot of recipe from you guys.chicken lemon we love it!!!thanks so much.pls make karage. my kids love chicken.

AJ Kim says:

I love watching you guys cook! The chicken looks delicious!

Charlie Delta says:

Will be making this for my family 🙂 Can you guys do one for how to make udon noodle soup for a meal?

Elizabeth Shaw says:

With the starch and the egg white and the flour that technique is called velveting. 🙂 yes please make that dish it sounds delicious with all different ingredients and fried. I have to be careful because I love fried food but it has been over a year since I’ve had anything fried. So I think it’s okay to have fried food again. 🙂

Romana Bansing says:

soo yummy the lemon chicken.and I tried to cook for my kids lunch to bring in the school. they love it. I learned a lot of recipe from you guys….tabieat is great!!!

Nolvora says:

I just love chicken! (Honestly, the meatiest parts, breasts are nice as well but I think they’d need to be seasoned pretty well at least on the outside or else it’s just bland). Juicy, meaty chicken is nice.

PieToastBanana says:

That looks sooo good
Too bad I’m too lazy to cook for myself :”)

rania lakhlifi says:

Today i reproduced this recipe and it was extremely delicious and easy to do!! Im italian and me and my family enjoyed it so much!!! Thank shinichi and Satoshi

David Donovan says:

It’s a TRAP!

Jen M says:

Why did I watch this at 11:30 pm??? This looks so yummy! Thanks guys! Hugssss Jen

Barbara M. says:

LEMON CHICKEN DANCE!!! (I *had* to make a gif of it lol)


Prairie Herbals says:

This just may be dinner tonight!

Jakey Pickles says:

Just tried the sauce recipe with some shirataki noodles (my girlfriend insisted we try them) and some panko breaded chicken. Very delicious and super easy. We’ll definitely be making that sauce again.

Elizabeth Shaw says:

I always used to cook with chicken thighs they are tender and juicy and they are also half white meat and half dark meat. You can get quite a bit of white meat off your chicken thigh to eat. I always loved the guys I found breast to be dry and if you have seen an American chicken breast it is grossly oversized!

حبيب المصطفى says:

It looks amazing. What about yuzu chicken? 😉

Irish Rose says:

Yes please make your tempura. Why do you use potato flour?

Patrice Ashley says:

I wonder if other vegans love watching your show??? Looks great. I’ll try it with tofu or seitan. Do make the kakiage.

Romana Bansing says:

hello tabieat your so great.i learned a lot of recipe from you guys.chicken lemon we love it!!!thanks so much.pls make karage. my kids love chicken.

Cynthia Graves says:

I love this. I did make a bigger batch, and used boneless skinless chicken thighs because that’s what I had on hand, but this is delicious! It puts those sickeningly sweet restaurant lemon chicken to complete shame. This is what lemon chicken should taste like. Lemon forward.

hamza-ahmed MESLEM says:

Yekhi n9ocha

nrawson66 says:

Love Lemon Chicken!!! I would love for you to make tempura. Especially the one you said, with all the mixed ingredients. I always buy at the Okazuya stores here in Hawaii and wonder how they make it.

stabulous Koda says:

that isn’t really deep frying that’s just pan frying because deep frying is fully immersing the food in oil instead of a shallow pan like that

Romana Bansing says:

Lemon chicken dance I love it so cute….

Patricia Roussos says:

Oh thank you so much for making one of my things. I always watch you and you both are so sweet. I had to give up eating a lot of things because I was ill. A few months ago I had a liver transplant (I was so lucky)and now I can eat my lemon chicken again and now I can prepare it.So happy.

Susan Nagy says:

yes! do the lemon chicken dance… would love to see you do the tempura recipe you mentioned

Vanessa Quintana says:

Arigato gosaimazu i made this chicken and it came out so delish! also i am inclined for breast meat as well! Such a nice and easy to follow recipe great job! :):):)

Corin Miyuki says:

you guys are so cute omg just watching you makes me happy <3

KarenCurr says:

I always love watching your videos. Looks wonderful and I will try your recipe soon! I would also love to watch the video on the kakiage! 🙂

sweetangelstronger says:

I love your channel. I have tried chicken with lemon…. did not like the end result. It was good. But not as I was expecting. 🙁 Nonetheless Thanks to you I know how to fry chicken like a pro ! Keep it up.

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Orange chicken just a little bit too sweet? Orange chicken in the United States is horribly sweet it’s like icky syrup! I know people who like it and I hate to watch them eat it. Lemon chicken sesame chicken orange chicken they’re all the same here sickly-sweet!

Wheel chair Mamma Prepper says:

do you have something like biscuits and gravy ?

Watermelon Pocky says:

@TabiEats can I oven bake the chicken pieces?

Mrssea Sea says:

Wow one hundred year store! I would love to go!

killua xk says:

Tempura video

Elizabeth Allen says:

So going to try these

Bob Wareham says:

Can you please make the best-fried rice, my fried rice comes out soggy and not nice, thanks BoB-UK

Romana Bansing says:

hello tabieat your so great.i learned a lot of recipe from you guys.chicken lemon we love it!!!thanks so much.pls make karage. my kids love chicken.

kartikad23 says:

i just made this lemon chicken…ohhh that’s sooo gooodd!!

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