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This video will show you how to make Chicken Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken.) Crunchy outside and juicy inside, home made fresh Karaage is the best!
The recipe by Noriko & Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 (http://www.japanesecooking101.com) We only use ingredients you can easily find!


Brenda Y says:

Can it be baked instead of deep fry?

chinpou 。 says:

here because my gf’s mom?

INGSOC says:

I don’t like sake, can I skip the ingredient, or do I have to use it.

INGSOC says:

I don’t like sake, can I skip the ingredient, or do I have to use it.

Phoenix Deux says:

Thank you!

Britt D says:

If we don’t have sake .. Are we able to use mirin?

jim chavez says:

were is the salt

John Paul Lorenzo says:

uhhhmmm any substitute for sake? can’t find any sake here in PH, please help.

Avigyan Ghosh says:


Anthra Reon Emilia Anasthesya says:

There need a sake? Sake is…for an adult drink right?

Matthew Mariano says:

What is “Sake”?

Gia Barbie says:

Hehe a anime brought me here :3 It looks like chicken nuggets

Toby Medina says:

i love you.

123hiroya says:

Weeaboo’s in the comment section made me leave here

SHIRA N says:

Can we do without the sake?

David Small says:

Really Simple. Cheap. And it’s awesome.

Ael Sihombing says:

i dont have sake here, what if i cook it without sake? what is the sake for?

Natthenn says:

Can we use chicken breast too?

Delia Goh says:

Can we use an air fryer.

Ranjini Rao says:

what is the oil used for deep frying?

The_Knosferatu says:

theres such a thing as cooking chopsticks?
wasnt aware

Zer0Mercy says:

Sucks my family won’t eat deep fried food. This looks so tasty *sigh*

Maikeru says:

the manga called “bitter virgin” brought me here.. I don’t recommend reading it though

Lila Chan says:

I like it better with the skin still on. Missing a yummy part. 4+/5

President Blank Review says:

goddamn weebs came here from food porn anime

Cat Bear says:

I just use potato starch?

Jacqueline Loz says:

Karaage with sesame mayo OMG!

Ggg Hh says:


mekachiri momo says:

please make karaage just like in shokugeki no soma 😀

Arissa Desu says:

We don’t have sake or rice wine here. What is the good replacement to it if it is not available? Will the karaage will taste fine without it?

Yaseen Kutbi says:

My Family has been doing this for ever and we are Arab, it’s almost the exact same recipe. How eerie.

That Redneck Cletus says:

Instead of sake can I use mirin?

Raikozy says:

Trying this now. Wish me luck

otaku gamer 76 says:

I am a Muslim

Crystal says:

can I skip sake ? if not what are other alternatives that don’t include alcohol etc.. ?


タレに一晩漬け込むともっと美味しくなりますよ!あとタルタルソースも紹介してあげて( ´∀`)♪

Capsa Kou says:

so.. im here for shokugeki no soma xD but still gonna try cooking this

NADS IQ says:

sorry but the only diff is no egg used for batter. so why is karaage different from [K]FC?

Cyrus Austin Fernandez says:

shokugeki no soma mama!


im so hungry why am i watching

isabel moua says:

Can I use chicken breast?

Tumpa Tumpa says:

Can you please give the picture if all purpose flour packet ?

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