Japanese white bread recipe (English subtitle ver)

How to make Japanese white bread.Download recipe for Printing http://painrecipe.com/japaneEN/56.html

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Amanda Albuquerque says:

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mais uma vez, meus parabéns

downunder diva says:

Yummy, looks so good! Do you use Japanese cup 1 go (180ml) or metric cup please? How many ml in your cup and tablespoon please? I want to make this wonderfully soft bread. Thank you 😀

conan teng says:

what is the size of the bread pan? Thank you.

Vienna Venice says:

what is the baking temperature

viper45428 says:

is it one whole tablespoon of salt???? or just a teaspoon?

Dana Ramos says:

This is my favorite channel now.

DR.Rajashree Kolhe says:

i prepared it,but it was uncooked inside .why is that so?

shiroineko13 says:

I wanted to see you stuff that freshly baked bread piece into your mouth.


Arum Hasbullah says:

hello I’d like to know the size of the pan you use for baking this bread… thank you

Kats hairstudio says:

super good! I just made this today.Thank u for the recipe

Bread Channel says:

Today,let’s bake white bread. White bread is Most popular and ordinary bread in Japan.
Its price is between 100 yen to 300 yen. Expensive white bread is healthy and tasty. This recipe is Expensive white bread recipe.

Lily Johnson says:

can you post the measurements of your bread. thanks.

Azucena Tang says:

What is the oven temperature required to bake these bread ? You did mention to bake it in the preheated oven, but the temperature was not mention on either the white bread or the Onion bread. thanks

Jaimie Vanderhouck says:

super yummy! 🙂 can’t wait to try it!

Nasima Sultana says:

V nice

cw says:

did you brush the dough with egg wash before baking? looks like your directions are not complete…

Dharma Yafi says:

4 cups all purpose flower ? jasmine ? rose ? or maybe something else ?

Yiyao Jin says:

Do we need to ferment the dough twice or three times? I’m confusing that whether we need to ferment another 30 minutes after dividing the dough, or just shape the dough directly after dividing them.

Nasima Sultana says:

V good

Serena Chan says:

Is your cup size the same as US cup size? Can you provide the measurement in gram which is always accurate for everyone.

Nasima Sultana says:

V nice

jillian lim says:

I love watching this channel. Can you please list all the ingredients in grams (metric)? It would be most helpful and more accurate.

Your ideas are brilliant and inspiring! Thank you.

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