Japanese water cake w/recipe

In this video I talk about Mizu shingen mochi also known as a Japanese water cake. Not only do I talk about it but I show you how to make it.

Here is a link to the agar I used. This is from Amazon Japan http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B0040Q60A4


IrgendEineZecke says:

Very nice video, thank you, I am going to try it in the future.

TheSnapback says:

And thus, agar.io was born

Nancy Pofahl says:

You’re great!!

Shannon Williams says:

Hi! I was trying to find out what a water cake was, and you told me! I really had no idea it was an actual dessert. LOL And the recipe was very helpful. Especially that we need to make sure it’s completely dissolved. Thank you for taking the time to do this! 🙂

Lauren Foster says:

Is the texture similar to Jello?

superfourmiable says:

What a waste of time. Instead of just saying “500mL of water”, it takes 1 full minute to talk about the 9 versions of water and how cheap they are. Who cares ? Seriously. Go to the point !!!! :=)

Leenylulu95 says:

What does it taste like?

Kritarion says:

“spherical shapes used for ice balls in whisky” WHAT KIND OF CULINAIRY SATAN PUTS ICE IN THEIR WHISKY?

Zero0Vampire says:

love this vid

Jessica Kao says:

Why isn’t my water cake as clear as yours?

Jacklyn K says:

How many cups is 15 grams.

Noob Adven says:

What the diff between using agar and gelatin??? Just curious. Malaysia also use agar or we call agar-agar in lots of our desert, we twist it to many thing like fruit in it,sweets and sometimes oreo…..u should check that oreo agar-agar,kinda neat for oreo lover.

eee ddd says:

could you use gelatin instead of agar?

abovrtheclouds says:

Dude why is your background so bright. It looks like you just got abducted by aliens

Rathian 619 says:

im here because of 9gag 🙂 it looks like silicone breast implant LOL

Akashi says:

Had to look up agar and found out it’s kanten.  My mom used to make it all the time and put karo syrup on it with red bean paste.  Love the stuff.

Susan Fox says:

I like your video! Very friendly and accessible. I feel I could make this now.

You know what’s good with plain agar like that is plum wine. 🙂

fany oktavia says:

just show how to make too much commenting bullshit

Annelise says:

Agar is pretty easy to find at health food stores, as it’s a vegan alternative to Gelatin

Annabelle Esteban says:

Agar is a seaweed based gelatin, almost Jello. You can buy it in any Asian Supermarket in America for less than $7. It solidifies faster than Jello and at a lower temperature.

Sean S says:

I tried and the Water Cake balls, as I took them our of the fridge after 2 hours, were very hard compared to the one you showed in the vid. It’s weird, it’s opaque, like a little but of cloudiness in the water cake and they’re literally bouncy balls.. I dropped one on the ground and it just bounced.. I can easily cut them with a spoon but they’re like stuff and idk what happened

Ahndraus says:

bro make a script and do more edits please 🙂

Stephanie Canady says:

ive seen some other japanese dessert tutorials using agar. i suppose they use kangen like youve stated to other commenters, right?

Wyrm says:

A shame i noticed it so late, nice video as always! If i ever get the chance to make some, i will take it

Stephanie Canady says:

try making some tiny ones. like normal cute little raindrops

Kyle M says:

Is there anything I can use other than agar, something more common in North America?

Juan Gonzalez says:

it looks like a breast implant

Anthony Colon says:

Agar is actually commonly used in America as a substance for bacterial cultures in the Microbiology field. I didn’t know it could actually be used in the confection of sweets. Highly interesting.

Meredith Lloyd says:

uhm is that anderson silva?

sentaikat says:

This was really good. will have to get me some agar. very educational. I loved this vid.

msmad says:

Great video and especially found the tip on the type of agar to use very helpful. I live in a very diverse area and shopped several asian markets but surprisingly couldn’t find agar powder (only found agar gelatin strips). Amazon offers different brands of agar powder but doesn’t distinguish if it solidifies as transparent or opaque. Would you mind sharing the brand and online shop from where you purchased your product? Would much appreciate it…thanks! 🙂

Daniella Matthews-Trigg says:

Thanks for the tips! Can’t wait to make my own Mizu shingen mochi! PS You are the cutest thing ever (Look at that dimple omg!)

xavier lotz says:

you have to check out sik world Dragon ball z rap 0.0

migerra says:

Is it possible to cook this, take it out of the fridge for +-5hours and serve it?

JLM709 says:

It would be very convenient if you put an amazon link to the agar you used in the information below. I was on Amazon but there are different kinds and I don’t want to buy the wrong one.

incubusman421 says:

why are you backlit? you should have the lighting behind the camera illuminating you.

Vinter Hazeglow says:

this is a good video

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