Heres my Japanese Saikoro steak recipe, I love Japanese steak recipes and this Japanese steak recipe is amazing, let me know what you think in the comment box below
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duhaskfhawkfhkawbhf says:

That ignorant said 2 pounds for a Japanese steak?! Where is he from

Dogoodah says:

They told those prices just for one piece of steak maybe?

menamgamg says:

haha priceless ending :’D

Chia Rui Ying says:

I think the last guy (Hassan (?)) meant that he’d pay 2 quid for a piece

tzotzomaniakos says:

good job john! that steak was easily 10£ for me.. the street is used to cheap meat unfortunately!

SonicShenmue says:

Looked so juicy and tender. Exactly how I love my steak. Looked so phenomenal!

I’d pay 10 pounds. I’m not sure if all the people knew how much the whole portion would be though…That could be why they reckon so low. Or you need to introduce the street tax again xD

Ramisha Nowsin says:

Don’t be sad… That’s worth 15£

RacerKenick 98 says:

Best cooking channel

Dovydas Juodvirsis says:

6 pounds m8

En No says:

forgot the sauce!

Sharon Bellenger says:

So sad. I’d pay 15 Canadian for this work of art. Don”t listen to them 🙂

Y2Kforthewin says:

would be perfect with a raw egg yolk to mix in on top

Mornar Dakle Popaj says:
Shiba says:

That looks amazing! Approximately how long did you cook the steak for? I don’t usually chop mine into cubes so I’m having a tough time not overcooking it.

PissAllOverMyAnusWhileMaintainingProperHomeostasis says:

Ah, yes. Another fine recipe from FEWD BOSKAH.

Calvin Pagara says:

10 easy

Aleko Ye says:

Never use a non-stick pan for steak, insufficient temperature and unhealthy. If I were Japanese, I will use onion juice to marinate the steak and use charcoal fire to cooking steak. The final sauce is too complex, try use bonito sauce, sake, brown sugar with ginger juice instead. I think they just do not believe this is sirloin steak. It definitely worth 9 pounds.

Lydia Drayton says:

I think because of the way it’s presented people don’t really think “oh that’s a steak so is obviously worth £X” I would totally pay £12!

Looter says:

How much blood do i put in?

James Young says:

Well I would have given you a tenner for it.

Dwayne Wladyka says:

I was wrong. Sorry. The dish looks really good, but my price was off.

Dwayne Wladyka says:

I was wrong. Sorry. The dish looks really good, but my price was off.

josh wilson says:

I really like your charisma, and I think this is a great concept but now you have a fan base I’d like to see more videos from you inside a set giving recipes (Jamie Oliver/sorted food style). Also you have a stunning knife and chopping board, any chance for a review on them? Thanks

Pablo Schultz says:

Hahaha when he said “it’s time to introduce..” i thought he was going for the old school yu gi oh theme song.

Chris Doris says:

I go busking with my guitar and pay you 6,50. don’t beat me 🙂

Guava Juice jr says:

I wish i can go to your country and taste that wonderful dish “Japanese Steak”
I think that i will give you:
10 Pounds!

bollyBob1980 says:

Cheers Mr Quilter. The steak looks delectable and I know many a non-posh person, me included who would give you 9 or 10 for that, no contest. Greetings of yuletide to you and all you hold dear. Keep up the superb work and Regards.

Adam Meadows says:

Increase the fucking peace for fucks sake 😀 Love it.

kavehhhsn says:

Does Hassan know that was cooked with Sake? haha

brakjart says:

japanese don’t put chili into everything. That’s the Hindu and British…

That Guy says:

A bit of rice wouldn’t hurt…

Tri Nguyen says:

Looks very delicious

Egemen İlkimen says:

The water he uses is a brand from Turkey. I don’t know why but it made me happy

Tom Bodiley says:

this guy is on crack

Onepiecexxz says:


AbsolutEdd says:

haha bloody hell you do pick um. That looked good man, theres a Jap place near me that does steak a bit like that and I was wondering how they did the soi sauce mix. Cheers!

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