Japanese Potato Salad (Mom’s Easy Recipe)

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3 small potatoes
1 cucumber
3-4 slices ham
2 eggs
3-6 tbsp mayonnaise (your preference)
1 tsp vinegar

Cut and boil potatoes and eggs at the same time. In the meantime, slice cucumbers, cutting out the seeds if you need to. Put cucumbers into a plastic bag along with 1/4 tsp salt. Give it a good massage and set it to the side to let excess water come out. Slice ham and set aside.

Take out eggs after 12-15 minutes and put into cold water. Potatoes are done when a stick can easily be pierced. Take off the skins if you don’t like them. Slice boiled eggs. Put potatoes into a bowl and add a teaspoon of vinegar and mix well. Add in the eggs. Squeeze out excess water from the cucumbers and add to the potatoes. Add ham and mayonnaise. Season with salt and pepper to taste. You can eat immediately but taste will improve after an hour in the refrigerator. Enjoy!

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TabiEats says:

oh you must try it. It’s very fresh tasting.

ratmmjg says:

I’ve made potato salad three times already. My family LOVES it! Thank you and your Mom for this recipe!!

gardengalsu says:

I was taught to rub the ends of the kuri, too! Do you know where that came from? Your mother is so gentile!

Sugar Baby says:

I tried last night. it turns out very good. I also added a few carrot pieces to add the color. very refreshing taste. thank you. Liked.

PamelaJ Lev says:

This looks so delicious – and I don’t even like potato salad 🙂 I am definitely going to make this – without the ham though! One tiny suggestion – there are so many vitamins in the skin of the potato so why not leave them in? (I never peel potatoes!)

raja tikus says:

i love my mom

Rizwana Azam says:

love your recipes and videos!!!

Trevor Sayle says:

Could a cheese cloth be used to drain/squeeze the water from the cucumber? That way you only need to twist until most of the is removed.

Thomas Santin says:

Looks so good, instead of the cucumber and vinegar I usually put pickles in there and also put carrots and peas.

Suzanne Baruch says:

This brings back memories! I remember my Japanese Mother-in-Law making Potato Salad. She would use Kewpie Mayonnaise, and also added thinly sliced radishes in addition to the other ingredients you used. I don’t recall her adding ham, but that looks delicious!

Scmell Webb says:

I made this yesterday and it was a hit at work, everyone loved it! big Thanks to your mom! thanks for sharing

My Lungs Will Phil And And Dan Deflate says:

She has such a sweet voice awww and when she said “Anyway you want my dear” AWWW

Howard B says:

I love Japanese potato salad but my husband (who is Japanese) doesn’t like it because it is usually made with Kewpie Mayo and he doesn’t like Japanese mayonnaise because it is too sour for his taste!  Now I have a good and easy recipe that I can use with my homemade mayo (my husband loves American style mayo, go figure!) to make this potato salad that we both can enjoy.  I’m a new subscriber and I am binge watching all your older videos, and I love them, especially the ones with Oka-san. BTW, Satoshi’s looks so strong squeezing the cucumbers, no wonder Sinichi is smiling all the time. 😉

310kobu says:

Symple the best. I made it. Yammy!!!!!  おいしかったです。

Honey Pie says:

Your mom’s voice is so relaxing to the ear ❤️❤️❤️

invisibleloner says:

sorry, but what vinegar is used here? rice vinegar/white vinegar or does it not matter? (^-^;)

cosmo_rebeljdal97 says:

How do people dislike such a nice video like this?

Jacob Box says:

I made this recipe tonight and it was wonderful! Thank you for bringing something new and delicious to my table!

wilkinson lee says:

love this japanese salad~~!!!

Ruru Chan says:

I made it tonight for the first time with Dijon’s mayo and shoyu instead of salt, my boyfriend loved it ! ♥
The recipe is very simple to understand and can be maked everywhere ! A big “arigato” to your mom, she deserves it. ^^
Greetings from Paris~

Sherman Brown says:

Love watching Mom cooking. Japanese potato salad is the best. I think it’s the mayonnaise that makes a big difference. Keep up the great work guys.

Harambe the Gorilla says:

Sounds delicious! The only thing I don’t like about American(?) potato salad is the pickles, so this would be ideal for me – especially considering that egg salad is my favorite “mayonnaise salad” and this has boiled eggs… Even better!

Sheris Shadowrunner says:

I like tart mayonnaise. I live in France, so it’s easy to find: just have to buy som with Dijon mustard in it.
So, I really want to taste the japanese mayonnaise one day 🙂

Winny nia says:

i love salad *^*

lsk04p4a30 says:

I made this salad for 4 times in 2 months. It tastes so good and it is super easy to do. Thank you so much for this video. Your mother is very adorable.

butovas says:

I love the videos with mom <3

Honey Bee says:

This looks delicious….thank you mother of Shinichi…you are quite a legend & I feel grateful to you for imparting you knowledge and wisdom to us as these videos will continue to inspire people like me around the world everyday to try and create authentic Japanese dishes….thank you XOXO

soloist661 says:

Thank you for posting this video and please thank your Mom for the wonderful recipe! I just made this and (aside from adding thinly sliced onion along with the cucumber, and shredded carrots to cook with the potatoes and egg), I followed her recipe and tips.

Oh my goodness, I may be making this all summer. Oishi, yet so easy! Domo arigato gozaimasu!

Mandy Le says:

Your mum’s knife skills are so good. She sliced the cucumber so thin!

solacium says:

Your mother is adorable <3

barbj672000 says:

Love Love Momma!!!! 🙂

Elijah Kazan says:

私のお母さんはキュウリと同じことをしています! It’s the first time I saw someone else do that. Hmmmm! おいしそう!

Aurora Ong says:

I don’t cook but love to watch cooking videos.
Just wondering, isn’t it more convenient to poke holes on the plastic bag then squeeze the water out of the cucumber?
The salad looks delicious!

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